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I got to tour GI for my birthday today...

So today was awesome as I was able to tour GI offices today and meet most of the editors thanks to Andrew Reiner. I didn't take any pictures cause I forgot a camera, :( I was however able to see some fun stuff for season 2 of Replay which I can not disclose at this time as request of Reiner. I can say it is going to be awesome and hopefully they decide to post it as it has a 5% chance of being posted at the time of this blog...

And Dan I'm up for a mario party Replay at any time. Your reign of winning that needs to end >:)

As for the office, it really is a gamer's heaven and it was very neat to be able to see where all the awesome people who we all know and love work. The vault is very impressive and I might be making an appearance in the reader spotlight from inside nest issue...It just makes me want to work at GI that much more...  I also got a 20 year Gameinformer anniversary Gorden Freeman poster from Andy, which is pretty awesome. Being able to see where Replay is recorded and meet with everyone was pretty awesome.(phil however was sick so I did not get to meet him today) This just goes to prove that Gameinformer is the best, most awesome, amazing and witty magazine ever and I will always look to it for all my gaming reviews and news.

Of course that is until they rate (insert game) a horrible score of 8.75 at which point I will notify the authorities, cancel my subscription and give up hope for humanity.

Thanks again Reiner for being amazing and letting me meet everyone. And you really should post that crazy thing, everyone will love it....

Hope you guys enjoy the donuts and cookies.