Back by popular supply, it's FamilyGuyGuy7 again with a handful of games that need to be humbled in a way only a punch to the groin can deliver.  Here to knock your favorite recent games down a peg or two because frankly, they deserve it, it's FamilyGuyGuy7's Sacred Cow BBQ MMXI, Part 2:  EVERYTHING SUCKS.



Up until its release, no one in the world understood the meaning of rape and violence.  Everyone can thank Fox News for that, nowadays, because this game brought about a rise in rapes and other violent crimes the likes of which depression and poverty can only dream about.

Fox News blogger John Brandon brought to light the situation that Bulletstorm was placing the world in.  Being the expert in video games in general she is, psychiatrist Carol Lieberman associated the increase in rapes could be attributed to the playing out of sexual scenes in video games.  The fact that this game exists only goes to show how dirty the world is.

Don't even waste your time with this game; you'll need plenty of cold showers after watching this game in action.  A game with this much violence cannot possibly have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Pictured:  Fox News' reaction to Bulletstorm.


Fallout: New Vegas

While I hated on Modern Warfare 2 last time for being broken and hacked worse than the PlayStation Network, it hardly compares to the newest installment in Generic Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland: Future Vegas.

New Vegas was hit by a truck packed full of glitches.  Some varied from invisible computers to fusing your character into the ground, unable to move or do anything.  Others corrupted your save game and made the game virtually impossible.  One even let Dr. Mitchell's head do a full 360 straight out of The Exorcist.  I wouldn't want to spend my apocalypse with my head upside down.

Uhh...little help?

You can find glitches easier than you can find a decent plot in this game.  And if you liked Fallout 3, then do you really need to play New Vegas