All too often in our many hours of gaming, we come across lines of dialogue or text that really jump out at us.  Whether it's because of their timing, delivery, or often quirkiness, we appreciate these quotes because they allow us to remember the parts that were the most memorable.  This is FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Memorable Quotes in Video Games.


"What is a man?  A miserable little pile of secrets.  But enough talk...have at you!"  Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

At the opening of Symphony of the Night, you're treated to a little prologue with Richter Belmont and Dracula.  After a short banter, Dracula exclaims #10 on this list and initiates a battle, right off the bat.

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the voice acting is excellent, but the way Dracula shouts this line is what etched it in my brain for all eternity.  Now if only I could have a wine glass to throw across the room whenever I said it.


"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum."  Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem 3D

Ah, Duke Nukem.  Such a colorful character filled with one-liners and debatably sexist comments.  But that's why we love you.

Out of all the one-liners Duke's spat out over the years, this one sticks out to me because it's a reference to 1988 classic sci-fi movie They Live.  Let's watch the clip...

D@MN!  That's too cool.  And to have The Duke say it in Duke Nukem 3D just adds more evidence to the fact that Sunglasses + Guns + One-Liners = Instantly Cool.


"That was too close!  You were almost a Jill sandwich."  Barry Burton, Resident Evil

Perhaps the reason that this, and many other quotes from the original Resident Evil are funny just for the fact that they weren't supposed to be funny.

After Jill finds herself trapped in a room where the ceiling is slowly descending.  Luckily, ol' Barry Burton is on the other side, and he's able to force open the door and rescue Jill seconds before she's squashed flat.  And in the awkward post-live-saving silence, Barry goes for some lighthearted humor to ease the situation.

What's so wrong with a Jill sandwich?  Looks pretty tasty.


"Sir.  Finishing this fight."  Master Chief, Halo 2

No two ways about it, Master Chief bleeds awesomeness.  What's NOT awesome, though, is pulling the rug out from under your fans and getting away with an unfinished story.

For those of you who don't know, Halo 2's ending was a bit of a let down for, well, everyone.  You beat the boss, everything starts getting interesting and you think you're on your way stop the Covenant once and for all when Master Chief gets on the radio and says #7 to Lord Hood.

Well, Mr. Chief, we wouldn't have to finish any d@mn fight if you'd just let us do it right now!  What easily could have been one final mission, ended up having to be the entirety of Halo 3.  Okay, Bungie, we give up.  Here's sixty dollars, and you better promise you don't make our controllers look like this anymore...


"The cake is a lie."  Portal

Or is it?  Throughout the whole Portal experience, you find yourself ducking in and out of these hidden rooms that have been written on by what appear to be previous subjects in GLaDOS's sick tests.  And what's constantly scrawled over and over is a reminder that Aperture Science doesn't have your best interests in mind.

If you've been on the internet ever since Portal came out, you've no doubt seen how this quote has exploded across the interwebs.  Even people who have no idea what Portal is are shouting it out whenever they can!

GLaDOS constantly praises your skills with the reward of a cake.  But is there really cake?


"You spoony bard!"  Tellah, Final Fantasy IV

The first time I played Final Fantasy II (which was actually IV, funny story), I never got too attached to that Tellah character, for reasons listed below.

1.  I always expected some guy named Penn to show up (Penn & Tellah, like Penn & Teller, the magicians...oh forget it).
2.  He was really old, and hanging around with kids (that aren't yours) all day when you're older than 70 is just plain creepy.
3.  He shouted this quote at Edward, which makes no sense at all and reinforces the stereotype that old people randomly yell things at children.

It's been said that "spoony bard" was supposed to be a self-censor for "son of a b*tch," but when the game, and the quote, became so successful, they kept it in.


"Do a barrel roll!"  Peppy Hare, Star Fox 64

It doesn't matter what situation you're in or how bad the odds against you are, doing a barrel roll will save you.

This quote stands out in my mind because I heard it so much.  And you did too!  Peppy Hare was always quick to remind players in Star Fox 64 that by hitting Z or R twice, they could perform a maneuver known as a 'barrel roll', where the pilot rolls over itself while keeping a forward velocity.  Thanks, Pep!  Now we know!


"Rise From Your Grave."  Altered Beast

At the beginning of Altered Beast, for the Sega Genesis, a mysterious old man resurrects a guy in a red (and blue, if you're playing two-player) and instructs him to rescue his daughter.  How?  By beating up animals and powering up, into legendary beasts with awesome powers!

This quote is attributed to the Genesis's inability to playback voices, well, almost at all.  In the end, the start of Altered Beast contains one of gaming's most recognized (and memorable) lines of dialogue.


"All your base are belong to us."  CATS, Zero Wing

The quote that spawned the meme!  Even though the original Zero Wing didn't have the catchy song, voices, or even proper grammar, this quote stuck out among them all, mostly because once they saw it being used over the internet like a plague, they realized they'd heard that statement before.

As the result of poor, poor English translation, this quote gets props for being so good, yet so bad.


"It's dangerous to go alone!  Take this!"  Old Man, The Legend of Zelda

Probably the first quote a lot of us remember seeing, this creepy old guy in a cave greets players to the fascinating epic that is the original Legend of Zelda.  By giving you his sword and informing you of the dangers you face ahead, players knew that this game was unlike anything they'd played before.

I don't recommend going into caves, looking for old guys with swords.  Especially because this is the rare instance where the sword actually turns out to be, well, a sword.

And, as it turns out, it's dangerous to end a blog or even a Top Ten list without a picture!  So...



Hope you've enjoyed the latest installment of my Top 10 series.  Leave a comment below as to whether you laughed, cried, or were downright offended by my comments, placement, choices, or anything else that needs to be flamed/trolled.