At the beginning of this console generation, I was absolutely sure I wouldn't be buying a PS3 at all.  It was ridiculously bulky, overpriced, and was lacking in exclusives compared to the 360.  Not to mention, it spawned a plethora of internet memes such as 599 US DOLLARS and RIIIIIIIIIDGE RACER!  Now, I'm starting to think the PS3's not looking too bad.  With a lot of recent releases that look fantastic, these are my reasons why I might be getting a PS3 soon.


When the PS3 first came out, it was seriously lacking in the exclusives department.  In fact, in 2007 (one year after the PS3's release) ScrewAttack made a list of the Top 10 Exclusives on PS3, and not a lot of people were happy with the fact that there were only 6 actual titles on said list (10-8 were absent, and #6 was Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut on Blu-ray).  Two years later, and the entries were significantly better.  Out of their 2009 edition, to me the most interesting games out there would be LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet and Clank.  Sure, Warhawk and Killzone 2 look cool, but they'd probably just be distractions when I'm p-o'd at Call of Duty.

A lot changed since 2009 too.  Of course I'd swap out the first LittleBigPlanet with the sequel, I'd add the first Uncharted in order to keep up with the story and the third to my watch list, and I'd also include:

inFamous (it was the first PS3 exclusive that I really, really wanted to buy a PS3 for)
DC Universe Online (cause I dislike PC internet games and love the DC comics universe)
Disgaea 3
Heavy Rain (really interested in the story)
MLB The Show (10 or 11, maybe both since Joe Mauer's on the cover of both)
The God of War Collection
(256 player online?  Noice!)
Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online
maybe Gran Turismo 5 (I dislike racing games without any story mode, looking at you Forza and now Need for Speed, I guess for PS3 ModNation Racers would probably be a good substitute)
Resistance 1 and 2
and The Sly Collection (*phew*)

Looking back, why don't I have a PS3 already?




Blu-rays are becoming more and more popular.  At first I didn't think the built in Blu-ray player wasn't that much of a hook to buy a PS3,but with so many features being added to Blu-ray releases and bundles that include Blu-ray, DVD, and digital copies, it's hard to not want one so you can watch your favorite movies anywhere, regardless of player.  Plus, who doesn't love the convenience of having a digital media player built in with their gaming console (I know I do; been watching DVDs on my 360 for months now...).



Backwards Compatibility!

Sure, the 360 may have it too, but let's face it: this is my blog, and I happened to own a PS2 back in the day.  And the thing may have been busted by my good-for-nothing little brother.  So, now my cousins have all my awesome PS2 games like the first Disgaea and Ace Combat and Star Wars Battlefront II and Viewtiful Joe and Bully and Stuntman Ignition and...I could go on.  But my point is that I could go to my cousins house and take all those awesome games back (they're not playing them anymore!) and pick up right where I left off on my PS3!



Free Online!

Sure, it may require a 10-hour long update every time you want to use it, but hell, it beats paying 50 dollars a year to use it...or is it?  Yeah, with a free web browser and access to the awesome PlayStation Network, it is worth it.  And I'm not made of money, damm*t!


Now of course, there are a bunch more reasons to either buy or don't buy a PS3, but these are my main reasons for why I'm feeling drawn into buying one here and now.  And with the addition of the Move controller and the fact that Sony's STILL making PS2 games makes me think the PS3 will be around for quite some time, so I'd better jump on the bandwagon while the jumping's good.