"Games should be measured by the moments within them. Moments make a game memorable, they stick with you, and it burns in your mind forever."

***Spoilers, you have been warned****

Welcome back to another edition of Great Sequences. This week I will be talking about one of the most revered franchises of all time. Meta Gear Solid. To be exact, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The MGS series is a very controversial series. Some people hate it for its long cut scenes and just complain "its just a movie, instead of a game", then there are others who just fall in love with it. I am the later. I love the MGS series, and i'm not afraid to show my fanboyism over it. What makes the MGS series so amazing to me, is the characters. Yes, the cutscenes are long, but when the cutscenes are full of characters I love, I do not care. Of course, MGS cannot be talked about without bringing up Solid Snake, probably one of the best video game heroes ever.

The Conclusion

The end of the MGS4 was one of the most jaw dropping moments ever. Snake was about to kill himself, he had to because he was a walking "weapon of mass destruction". I am not gonna go in to details on why that is, MGS series is extremely deep, it will take me forever to explain it, but if you haven't played this, then why are you reading this? Anyways, Snake goes to the cemetery where The Boss (Again, if you haven't played the MGS series or the third one, then...why are you reading!) was laid. He kneels down in front of the grave, puts the gun in his mouth, the camera pans into the sky, "Bang!", the credits roll...This scene made me really mad, I didn't think that Snake killing himself was the right way to end the series. The credits continue to roll, its naming all the actors who voiced the characters in the game, then it shows who voices Big Boss...I think to myself, Wait! I don't remember ever hearing or seeing Big Boss, then it goes to back to the cemetery where Snake "kills himself". But no, he doesn't kill himself! Instead we see Snake sweating, knowing he just can't kill himself, then we hear a voice...The camera pans over showing a man in a long trench like jacket. Its Big Boss!...My jaw dropped...I was speechless...This entire time, we thought he was burned on a boat earlier in the game, but instead that was Solidus Snake, an exact clone of Big Boss...

I am not gonna go into exact detail of the sequence it will take forever. Seeing Big Boss alive and standing right there was just an absolutely perfect way to end the MGS series. I was blown away. MGS series is known for moments like this. But this topped it all...I play the entire MGS series every year during the summer, each and everytime I love it even more. MGS4 was my favorite. And yes even MGS2.

Well, thanks for reading this. It was short, but sweet this week, this moment wasn't about playing a sequence or anything, it was just seeing it. Seeing a character you just didn't think would pop up like that. I love this moment. Thanks, come back next week for more Great Sequences!