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A Public Service Announcement: The Diablo Franchise and You!

True to form, this blog was originally drafted over 7 weeks ago. My intent was to merely rouse any fans of the franchise and get people into it who have never played before... well that's still the point here, but... it appears I've dumbed it down quite a bit, perhaps in a fit of rage.

The front page poll on here site here at the time of this writing is on the topic of Diablo III's delayed release announcement. Now, I didn't see this until 3 days after it's original post date, but that was enough time for some 790 votes to be cast... and this is what I saw.

There is something terribly... terribly wrong with this picture. I'll be honest, when I saw this result... I contemplated deleting my GI account and walking away without a word. Alright not really, but I was - and still am - extremely surprised and disappointed. Now, full disclosure here, Diablo II is perhaps the one and only game on the planet that I would consider sacred - so yes, this blog is completely mired in bias. With that in mind, I am not going to attempt to write up a history lesson of the franchise, genre or developers... I just want to gush for a minute here, and let everyone know that if you haven't already played Diablo II, now is the time to start. Get your arse out to a GameStop or Best Buy - pick it up on Amazon,  whatever. 20$ for the Battle Chest, which includes the core game, the (vital) expansion pack and a strategy guide. Once you've got those CD keys registered to your battle.net account it's yours forever, as many machines as you want, no DRM, download direct from the site if need be.

Diablo... the name became synonymous with the genre it grandfathered goodness sake. Review outlets commonly refer to games of this style as "Diablo clones" before their true title as Action RPG, Loot-fest, Hack and slash or anything else... and there is one profound reason for that. Over a decade later, dozens if not hundreds of games made in the image of it - and still to this day it stands head and shoulders above the rest as a complete experience. And when the core of the gameplay is so exceedingly simple, you would think that could have been refined upon, ya know? Games like Titan Quest have come very close to capturing the magic... but not quite.

Anyway, get on there, buy the game, get online and make a character on USWest and let's kick some Baal!

FURTHERMORE! Diablo III is on the horizon, I've played it both at Blizzcon and now the closed beta... and let me tell you... it is good. There's a great "Let's Play" series of videos from Force Strategy out now covering the beta, but it's angled more (well, specifically) toward fans of the franchise, so I'm not sure how the uninitiated will feel about it - but take a look at the first installment.

You guys think I'm joking about quitting my job and falling off the map when it comes out...

I'm not.



Addendum: For those who are/were willing to take this rant for the underlying value, that I am merely trying to recommend an amazing game - not push a PC agenda or anything else - I appreciate you. However, to those who didn't/can't, I understand. The very small bit of writing I've done here is paperthin gushing and little more. HOWEVER, I hope everyone can understand that there is a reason. A reason for my loyalty to the game, a reason it's become a timeless name and utterly synonymous for en entire genre.

If you'd care to talk in more detail about the details of the game, just send me a message.