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Free ECA Memberships Courtesy of Red Bull

Today I received an email from the Entertainment Consumers Association detailing a limited time (that is to say limited supply not "only valid for a limited time") free membership deal they are running with one of their many partners, Red Bull. If you're not familiar with the ECA and their role in the gaming industry, check out the hyperlink above.

I would like to encourage everyone from GIO to become a part of the group, and by becoming a sponsored full-member (otherwise only available to those who pay an annual 20$ in dues or just 1$ if you're a student or military ID holder) you will also be entitled to a long list of discount offers that can be used all over the net.

Check it out, do your own research... but I would hope to hear that many of you end up becoming part of the group.

This link should take you to a page including the Red Bull sponsored membership form - just give your e-mail name and address and you've got a year of full membership at no cost.