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GIO Frag-Fest 02: Homefront

Got a score to settle with a GIO member? Burnt out with your current selection of games? Just plain excited for this game? Join us online, March 26th starting 2:00 PM PST (5:00 EST) for...

THQ and Kaos Studios newest shooter is upon us. Released March 15th, Homefront has received mixed reviews, generally about the 7.5 region of a 10 point scale. My personal opinion of this title is a bit higher than median however, and I believe this is a title anyone into multiplayer shooters should give at least a once through. Whether you are a loyalist to any given shooter franchise or not, you should get your hands on a copy of this game however you can manage and join your fellow GIO members for a good time!

If you wish to attend please post your XBL Gamertag or PSN ID below along with the time-frame you will be playing. The evening before the event, once attendance information has all been compiled, I will post another blog and forum post in the Clans group (the Frag-Fest impromptu hub, be sure and join the group for up-to-date info!) with grouping details.

Any community members willing and able to play the role of party leader, or if you are able to capture video footage, please make a note of that when posting your attendance info below.

Hope to see you all there!



Current list of attendees (please confirm)

Xbox 360

eyros2k (eyros2k)


Alek389 (ALEK 389)

Demon Ragnarok

indiejones (indiejones84)

Cody Gilley (SquaredSumo705)

Sgt Buzzob

Azirik (Azirik22)

Brandon Whiting (ConfusedUr Mom)

Kris (DukeOfNuke226)

Kevin (MielikkisChosen)

Assassin B Ry (Assassin B Ry87)





Canceled due to lack of interest from community




What is GIO Frag-Fest?: A monthly meeting for the online community. Different people attend for different reasons, but in the end it's all about the camaraderie... through bloodshed.

How are the games for each event chosen?: In an attempt to keep things fresh, each months event is chosen based upon recently released games. You play your favorite games all the time, why not try something new every month with your GIO pals?!

Do the events follow a schedule?: The last Saturday of every month, start time of 14:00 PST. Mark your calendars!

What happens on the day of the event exactly?: Predesignated party leaders will send invites to attendees. Once the groups are together, throw on your headset and have fun ;)

A new game every month, I can't afford this!: GameFly is your friend! If you're not already a member, try it out! Introductory rates of just 10$ for your first month and 17$ after that... get over 3 months of rentals for less than the price of a new game - why not!? Or... you could even pick up the title used at your local GameStop, and bring it back within 7 days for a full refund. You've got options!