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The Return of GIO Frag-Fest

Greetings everyone, it's been a while. Far too long really, so before jumping into the details surrounding my new vision for the future of Frag-Fest, I feel it necessary to explain it's sudden and unceremonious disappearance.

After the general success of the first event expectations were high. Messages continued to pour in from community members with their info and suggestions, and the recap of the first event was highlighted by GI staff. I was stoked amd ready for the challenge to keep things rolling in this good direction. Following the same gameplan used for the first event, I went ahead and posted invitation to the next.  Reception and attendance was... mediocre at best.

At this same point in time I found myself wrestling with some difficult emotions, some pertaining to what I am doing with my online presence. This mental unrest I had been chalking up to generic work related stress for ages had quickly evolved into a perfect storm of uncertainty, doubt and resignation in a matter of days after the public declaration of failure regarding the second event. For days I tried in vein to form words of explanation for the community, eventually deciding it best for me to step away from the entire thing to try and focus on finding my center again.

Much has changed since then, and I feel I am finally ready to reapproach this topic - from a new and more realistic angle.

Given the proper tools this community could form events such as Frag-Fest to perfection. Attendance forms taking into consideration the public demand for an event for a specific title, the ideal time slots and party composition... but this is what we're working with - a blanket invitation to the community of hundreds, and those of us with the initiative to wrangle everyone up bring it together.

I do not intend to spread any more false hope that I alone can or will do all of the cat-wrangling for these events, it needs to be a community effort. Whether you intend to be online just to play or you can commit to being a party leader or video capturer - the success of future events growing beyond my own ability to bring together just one party of players relies entirely upon your committance as an individual.

With that said, I can only ask that everyone understands the necessity of a few things...

Once a game is chosen, that's that: Given the format in which these events are hosted, I find it would be most beneficial that games be chosen based upon the annual release reschedule. Each month tends to have one big title, and everyone is anxiously awaiting it - makes sense to me. If there happens to be more than one, perhaps the other title will be chosen for the next month (tentative schedule of the next few months can be seen below). Every event will be scheduled for the last Saturday of the month. If you're not interested in the title chosen please, for the sake of keeping this primitive format straight forward, keep your invitations to others for another game out of these posts.

Party leaders are needed: Party leaders will function as the backbone(s) of the event. Your username is effectively the rally point, for everyone else looking to attend to send their messages to, to get invited and into the game. Only if you can pledge attedence for the entire duration of the event should you mark yourself as a party leader - serious business.

And that's about all I have to say about that. I can't help but feel like a bit of a pompous ass as I say all this, my position as the name behind Frag-Fest was essentially self-appointed... so if anyone else has the means to bring these events to the next level I would encourage you to do so for the better of the community. I am not in this for the recognition, I merely stepped up to a challenge, and after much thought... this is the formula I see as best suited for what we have to work with as a community, as well as what I can offer.

Game Informer Online Frag-Fest 02: Homefront
March 26th @ 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST)

Game Informer Online Frag-Fest 03: Crysis 2
April 30th @ 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST)

Game Informer Online Frag-Fest 04: Brink
May 28th @ 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST)

05 through 08: ???

Console Exclusives Game Informer Online Frag-Fest 09: Resistance 3 / Gears of War 3
September 24th @ 2:00 PM PST (5:00 PM EST)

Expect to see blog posts and posts in the Clans forum relative to the upcoming event each month. Farewell until next time.