Recently, Mr. David Vonderhaar, the game designer of the juggernaut franchise Call Of Duty, made a really good argument, full of statements you cannot disagree with, and explaining in the deepest and most eloquent way possible, why people that own CoD, don't play multiplayer! Outrageous! 

“And quite frankly, this bugs the s--- out of us. They should all play MP. And Combat Training helps us get there.”-David

Couldn't say this better myself.

People that play only SP in CoD, indeed, should bug you, there is no reason for  them NOT to play the multiplayer. First, look at most of the fanbase of the game, and most of the people that play the multiplayer:

1. CoD sells millions and millions every release, breaking the records of the previous games, you can be sure that the age group is diverse! When you meet the players that sound 12, 11, or even 9 (!!!) years old, they are HIGHLY intelligent, you can be honest with them in any conversation, you can tell them what color of skin, religion. They will accept you as you are. Racism is not present in CoD multiplayer, and you will NEVER have to mute your TV, OR you will miss the deep conversations the players constantly have!

2. Girls, you should feel safe, when you say that you are a girl during a CoD MP session, worry not, the male players are mature enough not to say sexist things like ''go back to the kitchen'' or ''make me a sammich, b*tch!'', OR ''ha girls gamers suck'' etc. In fact, some of them are VERY romantic! They will send you PM, asking you out, or asking for your number, using the sweet words, and tricks no lady can resist! These DEVILS!

3. No cheaters, AT ALL. The players are so considerate, they never cheat! (ladies, that's one more good thing about the male players) They never hack the game for personal need, and they are afraid to ruin the game of the fellow player.

4. So far, from what I know, the killstreaks of the multiplayer are in NO WAY overpowered, I mean, killing with a knife that at the same time throws cupcakes around and all that while you eat a steak is totally fair, and balanced.

5. Host migration. Every game has it, but CoD has it the least, the players are so dedicated to the game, their whole MIND goes into the game, and fights untill the end! Like a true soldier! (Because if you didn't know, CoD is a realistic representation of war, again, according to most of our wise players!) 

With all that said, there is absolutely no reason for the people not to play the MP, and, in fact, they all are just a bunch of *&%$ #@^ts.

Woops, I apologise!