What does it take to be a hero? This is a very difficult question to answer, and the answer varies from person to person,  but do heroes do  that makes people call them heroes, saviors? Of course, I could get away with the shallow answer  ‘’They save the people’’, but in this blog, I will be examining this phenomenon of heroes.


Being a hero is not  a codex, all of the known heroes don’t read an instruction manual and then become heroes and do what they do, they just do what is right, and for some weird reason, they know what’s right. Where do they know from what’s right or not right? There’s nowhere to know from, simply. They just do the deeds they think that are right, not because someone told them, but because they knew. 

Under some situations, we are forced to decide quickly, with no breaks, pauses, and that leads us to quick choices, that pressure, knowing that  peoples’ lives depend on us, and that is what heroes feel, a huge responsibility on their shoulders, and it’s hard to carry, but the heroes we know and admire , can take it, because they know that their tired-ness doesn’t matter, because lives are in danger, and that is what matters. Self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice is overcoming yourself, overcoming your nature, we, humans, are born egoistic, we just want to survive, we are not born with altruism, good, selfless deeds in mind, we are taught of these traits. Are heroes, selfish? Maybe. Are heroes egoistic,maybe. But why does this matter?  Because it’s not who we are underneath, but what we do defines us. With great power, comes great responsibility.

So, what it takes to be a hero? Only self-sacrifice? No. The heroes that we know are brave, brave to face their biggest fears,  that is what we all should do, look our greatest fear in the eyes, and say ‘’I’m not afraid’’. Only then can we face the villains that threat to destroy innocent lives, and our beloved ones. What’s the point of facing a villain and being afraid, can we fight them when we fear them? No. But we should remember that our enemies attack us, try to stop us because they fear us, just think about it, if the heroes weren’t able to stop the villains, would the villains care about them at all? 


Hope. Hope dies last. And not only heroes should understand this, hope always was, is, and will be. Did Batman abandon Gotham just because the city’s SINKING in crime? No. Because Gotham still has innocent people, that just want to live their lives without being threatened, without being shot at,  when it seemed like Bane broke Batman, did Batman lose hope? No, because there is still something to fight for, for the innocent people, when the future seems bleak, there’s always small light, hope, even a small candle makes darkness weaker, even small hope can be huge for a hero, for the people, the hope is what made Shepard face the reapers, even though they were taking serious losses, and everything seemed to be lost. But there are still innocent lives remaining, people to save. The dead are dead, but the living is what is worth fighting for. That’s when Shepard took it, and went to face their enemy, together with his friend. And he was ready for the fight, morally, he knew that his friends are together  with him, fighting alongside, that’s what made him happy, and he knew, probably, that the fight isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be hard, the people of Earth are being killed mercilessly by the Reapers, human lives is nothing for them, just something other to destroy, like some petty cockroaches, but hope is still there, life is hope, hope is life, people are still fighting for, and that’s why he faced the Reapers, HOPE.


When the Templars threaten to control the whole world, and they have everything for it, the money, the power, the right people, if someone’s crossing their road, they pull strings and the person that dares to interfere with their plans, is gone. They do whatever they want, controlling banks, kings. The Borgia are a royal family, they have countless coins, the power over the people that obey them, it’s like a tree, everything is organized, everything is nice and clean, every person has his role to do, his business to mind.


And that is when the Assassins come in, for centuries, Assassins have been interfering with the Templars’ plans, masterfully assassinating their target without a trace, but leaving a mark behind, the Assassins aren’t just a human, they’re something more, they are a symbol, a symbol of hope, a symbol of life, the people are already sick of this regime, being oppressed by the corrupt politicians, controlled by the Templars, and the Assassins punish these corrupt people, leaving  no trace, but leaving something behind nonetheless, it’s a symbol, and when other corrupt people find out that their…’’colleagues’’ dead, they start to fear, the shadow, the hiding death, hiding in the shadows to fight for light. They start to hide, they become paranoid, making their henchmen to check their food for poison, while walking on the streets , they look left and right. Because they fear, of the symbol, of the ‘’demon’’. Deep, very deep in their subconscious, they understand that their time will come, and their life will be taken, by the demon, that will judge them because of their evil deeds. Hope, that’s what makes the assassins keep fighting, despite their numbers being notably fewer than the Templars’ (quality over quantity, seriously, these guards SUCK), even when the assassins suffer losses, they keep fighting, to make the world a little bit better, brighter, and they understand it’s worth something fighting for, for the people, they understand that, the people that love them will be with them until the end, fighting.

Hope, bravery, and readiness for every situation is what makes our beloved heroes fighting, going on, to make the world better, punishing the corrupt, saving the innocent lives, and fighting alongside their beloved ones.

Respect the dead. Protect the living.

Ewok King.