Now, there's likely two groups of people who are about to read this blog. One group is going to come into this discussion hell-bent on carrying on about how I don't know what I'm talking about (without even reading what I'm talking about) and how amazing Nintendo is. You Nintendorks, stay out. As for the other group, the more logical group who realizes this blog is written with the intent of starting a discussion...Welcome! How ya been? Pull up a seat and stay a while :D. I've got pie.

But before I give you a slice, here's what I wanted to talk about. With the recent remarks from the former president of THQ, I began thinking about just what is likely to happen to Nintendo's Wii U.

First, because I noticed some ignorant comments on that article, some brief facts you ought to be aware of:


-  The PS1 was a 32 bit console, whereas the N64 was, you guessed it, designed for octopus tentacles. I mean...was a 64 bit system.

- The Gamecube was a deceptively powerful console, even more powerful than the PS2

- The Wii was the least powerful unit of the last generation consoles.

- The Wii U is more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360, but spec-wise can't hold a candle to the newest consoles from Sony and Microsoft


Now that we got that little bit out of the way, onto the matter at hand. Is the Wii U doomed? First, I think it's important to consider just how much of a success the Wii was in terms of consoles sold. As of September 30, 2013, the Wii has sold around 100 million units world wide. The second place winner is the PS3 with about 80 million and Xbox 360 with 79 million. Think about just how huge a gap that is. A 20 million difference.

Why did the Wii do so well. Yes, it was cheap. But it was also, and perhaps more importantly, because of its marketing. When you look at the amount of units their highest selling games sold, the figures are even more impressive.

PS3- Gran Turismo 5 with 10 million units

Xbox 360- GTA V with 15 million units

Wii- Mario Kart with 34 million units (I did not count Wii Sports with 82 million units because it was mostly packaged in with the systems.

When you look at some of the other titles the Wii has sold, the numbers are just as astounding. New Super Mario bros. with 27 million, Super Mario galaxy and SSBB both with around 11 million. Nintendo appealed to the family with the Wii. Grandparents, parents, everybody was a target. And Nintendo hit the bullseye.

But this has proven to be a double edged sword. Because even though the games I listed for the Wii were excellent titles, the Wii crowd was also bombarded with a plethora of crappy party and family games that exploited the Wii's appeal as a console people of all ages could enjoy. Yes, all those sales must have brought Nintendo boat loads of money, but it also left them a reputation.

Remember when the Wii was first coming out, people were promised Nintendo would have more third party support? You know what we got out of that? A bunch of Just Dance Games, Mario and Sonic Olympics, and a plethora of crappy mini game collections from the likes of Ubisoft and EA. People eventually grew tired of it. How did I figure that?

Well, it's largely speculation, but based on the games that sold the most, the vast majority of them (with the exception of Just Dance and the Olympics title), are first-party titles. It became apparent that people were wising up to the few third-party offerings the Wii was getting. These quick cash-ins by third party developers (and even the big N in some instances) have marred Nintendo's reputation this go around. The Wii U is suffering as a result.

So, is it doomed? I think that remains to be seen. Nintendo has always had a reputation for embracing the quirky and unique, but such qualities only get you so far. And most people prefer innovation as opposed to gimmicks. And when the Wii U first appeared, there were a lot of people complaining that Nintendo was trying to push yet another gimmick. I say "yet another" because, if you ask certain people, they'll tell you they considered the Wii nothing more than one big gimmick. And Nintendo hasn't done much to change their minds with their latest console. If Nintendo doesn't do something to convince the masses that the Wii U isn't another bait and switch (as some have considered the Wii), then their ship will continue to sink.

Nintendo can't afford to keep tarnishing their reputation. And their reputation seems to be going more and more downhill as far as critics, game developers, and even gamers are concerned. While some die-hard fans might insist Nintendo doesn't need the support and can keep on dancing to the beat of their own drum, that's only going to get Nintendo so far. Sales have already demonstrated that people are no longer entirely sold on Nintendo's gimmicks and tricks. The PS4 and Xbox One  has already outsold the Wii U.'s a valid opinion some people happen to have. It's one of the images

Nintendo has to try and change

That says it all. So again, is the Wii U doomed. While it remains to be seen, if Nintendo continues they way they are, unfortunately, there's a very good chance that it is. Here's hoping the Big N finally makes some necessary changes to their business plans. After all, lightning doesn't (usually) strike in the same place twice.


Yours truly,


P.S. This is nothing more than speculation and intent on encouraging a MATURE and UNBIASED discussion. I have a crap ton of respect for Nintendo, but there are some obvious issues that we simply can't ignore.


So what do you guys think? Is the Wii U doomed? If so, why? If not, why? Pencils down in 60 minutes....GO!