Personal preferences aside, I'm just going to come out and say this only once: quit comparing consoles with each other. There's no point anymore. I don't care about hardware. I don't care about games. Because there is one fact that a lot of gamers are neglecting to acknowledge this console generation.

I'm going to explain myself with a very simple analogy. A normal guy is looking to buy something to drive. Two dealers attack him with offers, one offering him an F150 and another offering him a range rover.

"Mine is great for carrying stuff," the guy with the F150 shouts.

"Well mine goes offroad better than yours," says the guy with the rover.

Meanwhile, the poor fella just sits there, failing to get their attention as he says "I just need something that will get me to work!"

I wished I didn't feel obligated to spell this out, but there's always that one guy. So then...They are all vehicles, but some people have specific needs and wants, don't they? Likewise, with this new console generation, the WiiU (ugh), the Xbone, and the PS4 are all consoles BUT they clearly fulfill their own specific purposes and appeal to specific markets.

So what does this all mean?

Look, consoles aren't like what they were in the old days. You don't just pop in a cartridge and boot the game up, controller in hand. They all do a vast number of different things now, each and everyone of them. Sure, we can compare specs. That's one thing. But ultimately, it means very little. What it boils down to is the features that are right FOR YOU.

So for the love of God, Santa, the Big Bang or whatever other ideology you might follow, cut this crap out. The more I read about these consoles, the more I've personally come to realize that they simply address different needs and that's perfectly fine. And all this arguing is doing is ruining everyone's groovy vibes man. Uh...

What isn't fine is the way how idiots out there keep calling crap PS 3.5 and that the Xbone is overpriced *** because THEIR console of choice is better for some reason.  One thing to have an opinion, another thing to be stupid about it. I don't care if you can control your console through voice command because maybe I'm not going to use it. I don't care your controller has a built in screen because I bought my 50" television for a very good reason. And I don't care that your controller has lights that show pretty colors because it'll probably distract more than anything.*

What is appealing to you, is not appealing to everyone. That is why these silly arguments are never-ending. We all have different needs, different wants, and different tastes. And until you guys realize this fact, the arguments will continue. I am what you would call an idealistic realist though. I know this message will only sink into a few. But I'll take it. The rest of you, go ahead and keep looking like fools.

I'll be playing Bioshock on my PC.

Yours truly,



P.S. I realize it's been a while since I've written a blog. If you've seen my previous ones, you have an idea why. We're stuck taking things one day at a time, but I do want to thank everyone who showed their support. It was actually greatly appreciated. Some charges have actually been dropped since then, But they're being stupid about two others even though there's nothing to back them up. At this point, it just sounds like the arresting officer is trying to avoid looking like a fool. Anyway, I'll try and write something a bit lengthier in the coming days.



*Of note. These statements are not reflections of my personal opinion. These are just statements some might say in response.