First off, apologies are in order. I am sorry to everyone who participated in GaMe the last week, but especially to Cubone and to the week's winner. The next page will be my explanation for those who just wanna check out the recap.

Here is the recap for #4. I apologize if I miss any. If that is the case, please let me know.


The Pillar Of Autumn by DJH

Cubone Says: DJH never fails to disappoint me.  For this blog he did a "Record of a Dead Man" style where the Master Chief finds my helmet after he lands on the Halo ring.  He made it intense throughout, and I could almost feel the panic and confusion of trying to escape a wounded spacecraft.  I also loved the way he used the other members' names.

Personal Thoughts: DJH has a fantastic writing style for these GaMe blogs. I can genuinely say there isn't one I've not liked. I loved the cameos and something about the way how it ends just felt absolutely inspired.




The Great Cubone rolls over some things and writes poetry by Chris, savior of the galaxy

Cubone Says: Chris seems to have a knack at making funny blogs.  He pokes fun at the Pokemon language and the world of Katamari in a hilarious fashion.  Just the thought of a Cubone rolling around holding a piece of paper and collecting a garbage heap still makes me laugh at the thought of it.

Personal Thoughts: I loved how Chris blended two art forms together. Reading just his work alone is still an enjoyable experience, but including the music adds this new dimension of zaniness. It was a humorously clever idea




A Day In The Row by Le Hannibal

Cubone Says: This is probably the strangest thing I've ever read, anytime, anyplace.  Everything in it, from Chris in a speedo to Jolt becoming "nothing but the shadow of the man(?) he used to be" was strange yet hilarious. (Sorry that was what a guy from Pokemon Soul Silver said to me.)  I can honestly say that as I was reading it I was more confused as to what was happening then my character in the story.  The wacky situations and just plain strangeness combined to form one great story.

Personal Thoughts: Honestly, thinking of my experience reading this...I'm a bit lost for words besides the loud WTF that shot out of my mouth once I finished reading. Also, he refers to an ache in my loins. Enough said




The "True" Story by xking595x

Cubone Says: In this story King finds my character bio a little suspicious and tracks down a "friend" of mine who happens to be Waddle Dee, who tells King one heck of a story.  He tells of Kirby's, or should I say my, descent into a mysterious forest (The Lost Woods, perhaps?) with a great action sequence to follow.  With the combination of great action and a clever origin story, King's GaMe doesn't fail to entertain.

Personal Thoughts: I'd say king demonstrates some pretty dang impressive investigation skills. This was certainly a clever use of Cubone's biography. His use of a fake eye witness as a literary device is the kind of thing that I love seeing in these sorts of posts. I love the wackiness of other posters. But thinking outside the box in this manner is just as enjoyable.




The G! True Hollywood Story by Jolt the Cynic

Cubone Says: Jolt's combination of mystery and action comes together in a last-minute entry that I didn't expect.  He starts it off with a dead Pokemon, which seemed totally weird, and put me in the place of the detective trying to solve the case.  It all comes together in an action-packed climax with an epic finishing blow that made my skin tingle.  All in all, it was a great story.

Personal Thoughts: Though longer than the other posts, Jolt demonstrates that even when he's just "winging it," he's an incredible writer. His unlikely blend of pokemon and the mysterious atmosphere of L.A. Noire was absolutely seamless. In my opinion, this is probably the most atmospheric GaMe we have yet seen.


The Winner

Congratulations and apologies to Jolt the Cynic. Everyone will have some extra time to craft some truly great GaMe blogs about Jolt because Gamify Me will go back to being posted each Sunday. Enough of that though. Here's what Cubone had to say about his choice...

"Yesterday, after weighing in all my decisions carefully, I logged on to GIO to start collecting my thoughts.  I clicked on the blog section and scrolled through, finally thinking of the winner and starting to hammer out what I was going to say.  Then I saw Jolt's blog.  I don't care what he says, there is no way something that awesome could be the product of a few minutes of winging it.  It had great action, great mystery, and a great main character.  All of the GaMes this week were amazing.  Jolt's was just the amazingest. (Is that even a word?)"

Given Jolt's colorful character, I think it's safe to say that we can expect a number of great stories in the coming week (control yourself Be sure to check out his profile. Stalking, though not necessarily permitted. Especially if it yields hilarious results :P


Honorable Mention- The Craziest Blog of the Week

First, as a little introduction...each week we will have an honorable mention picked by myself. For this week, after reading "A Day in the Row" I knew I would have to mention Le Hannibal again if he wasn't the winner lol. So congrats to you Le're freakin crazy.


Thank you for allowing us to gamify you, Cubone. You've been great pal! Be sure to wear your new badge with pride :P


*Special Note*

Just to make things a little easier, from now on I'd like to ask that people include "gamify me week (the number week)" and the name of the person they're gamifying in their tags. It just makes it a tad easier to keep track of things. Thank you :)