With every passing week, these blogs seems to just be getting better and better. I have to say that reading these blogs provide constant quality entertainment. You guys are incredibly creative. Unfortunately, I was a little busier this week than I anticipated. So I didn't get to read all of the blogs and comment on them in a timely fashion like I normally do. To make up for it, I'll leave two comments next week :D One will be an actual comment regarding your GaMe blog and the other will be about how you're such a special person to make you feel good about yourself.

I know, I'm feeling a bit dorky this morning...

Well that's enough rambling... Let's get to the recap!


The End of the Day by the Great Cubone

DJH says: Pikmin has always been a favorite of mine, so it was a great choice for the setting. Cubone also did an awesome job with my name. It had some interesting moments, and some intense parts. I also admire being used as a Pikmin.

Personal Thoughts: I'm not sure but...is that me getting killed off?  Whatever the case, Cubone delivers yet another excellent blog showing off his intense and gripping writing style. Once I started reading about the exploits of that little Pikmin, I couldn't stop until the end.




Everyone has to lose by Blaze6101

DJH says: This one was interesting. I loved the dueling ring from Taris, so that was the perfect setting for this. He also pitted me against Revan himself, which was a great touch.

Personal Thoughts: Blaze clearly knows how to write out intense fight scenes. His descriptions make it easy to visualize every move Darren and Revan make in the ring. He captured that epic feeling you get from the good Star Wars movies and games so much so that I think he'd ought to help GL write...especially given the state of SW these days >.>




The Unwelcome Guest by xKing595x

DJH says: I love the Alien series, it was one of the first horror movies I ever saw, so being used as a xenomorph was absolutely great. I admire the choice king made.

Personal Thoughts: A newcomer to Gamify Me, King does a terrible job. Lol, no totally kidding. In what I think has been one of the more original GaMe entries since its inception, King tells about the birth of subject DJH and does a great job of putting ups into his head.




Backup Plumber by Jolt the Cynic

DJH says: .Oh dear Lord.... I have been a Mario fan ever since I could hold a controller, so being used in that universe was awesome. And Jolt did a hilarious job with Bowser kidnapping my crush, Felicia Day. I just hope that Day herself never, ever reads this...

Personal Thoughts: In his (quickly becoming classic) sense of humor, Jolt twists around the Mario formula we all know and love. I love how he differentiates DJH's quest to save Felicia Day from Mario. I love the twist even more. But I won't ruin it for you :P




Copycat by Le Hannibal

DJH says: My good ol' friend here used a game that I am in no way familiar with. It had mystery, and confusion, making me want to play the actual game more than I wanted to before.

Personal Thoughts: Definitely the most grim for the week, Hannibal does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of "Heavy Rain" and its gripping murder mystery. Two cameos by fellow GIO members make an appearance, one in particular that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone...lol




The galactic conspiracy part 1 by xl9

DJH says: This one was interesting. I have never played a Metroid game before, so being introduced to it this way was fun. But the ending leaves me with wanting more.

Personal Thoughts: An excellent beginning to the first part of a pretty epic sounding Metroid story. I look forward to reading part 2, unless that was some sort of creative device to fool me D:<... Anyway, the visceral fight scenes display some pretty impressive writing chops.




Night of the Living Goombas by EuphoricEnnui

DJH says: Two amazing words that I never, ever would have though I would be saying together. Zombie goombas!

Personal Thoughts: Uh...who keeps letting this guy put up an entry? Tell you what, whoever kills him off in the next set of GaMe blogs in the most creative way gets an honorable mention. Seriously?! Evil Mario? Using Witcher signs. GET OF THE CRACK DUDE!




The Winner

After a grueling ten hour discussion within himself, DJH finally decided upon awarding The Great Cubone the incredible honor of being gamified next. Meanwhile, DJH began babbling to himself in a corner about ice cream and shoelaces. I dunno what he was on about. However, during his rambling I did manage to capture this comment regarding his choice for the week...




"The Great Cubone is my choice to win

These were some of the most interesting and funny GaMe blogs I have ever read. These took me back to some good times when I was a kid. So after careful consideration from some very unique blogs, I decided to choose The Great Cubone to win. I loved his blog. It took me back to my days when I had my carrot army. But now I don't think I can look at another yellow Pikmin without thinking/worrying it's me. Congrats Cubone."

In other words, he was bribed. :D

So congrats to The Great Cubone. You're so cool I bolded your name twice. As for Mr. DJH thanks for allowing us to have you face off against Samus, get your hands sliced off, and be shot full of holes...Good grief, you've been through a lot this week D:

You've definitely earned the badge bud!



Be sure to check out The Great Cubone's profile. Talk to the lil pokemon and get to know him. And as always, thank you all for participating in another round of Gamify Me!

...Now get out of my house.



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