I wonder how many people are gonna stab me for implying the Sonic games are crappy...

Here's an interesting concept... You see, I'm a strong believer that, in order for the video game community to continuously progress, excellent games should be supported and mediocre games should be avoided like the plague so as to help direct developers and give them an idea of what they should do next.


I have a bit of a confession to make. Now, this is taking a lot of strength and courage on my part so...if you make fun of me...I'll whine like a five year old girl whose pigtails just got cut off. I'm super serial.

Anyway, I was thinking about it for a while and realized that well...I like a few bad games. I know they're flawed. I know they're poorly (i.e. stupidly) designed. I know they're simply quick cash-ins for an established fan-base. But despite all that, I play them regardless.

I hang my head in shame.

Now, I've wondered to myself "Why is that?" Why do I like Dynasty Warriors even though I know the gameplay is more brainless than a wicker basket? Sure, even the worst games can have an element of fun to it. But sometimes (and this might sound like complete blasphemy to some), I'll feel more inclined to play a game like Dynasty Warriors or (and this is going way back) Shadows of the Empire instead of Assassin's Creed.

Dynasty Warriors- giving gamers the same mediocre gameplay they've enjoyed since 1997. Screw innovation. This is dedication!


For the life of me, I can't make sense of it.

Now, will I defend these bad games from criticism? Nope. The thing is, as much as I enjoy sometimes going really really fast without any sense of control as a blue blur or dashing a bunch of "soldiers" to pieces (The enemies in Dynasty Warriors are only warriors in the sense that they look the part. Their ability to fight on the other hand...well I think you'd have a harder time swordfighting a guy stuck using a breadstick), I know they're not the best games in the world.

They're not the best games in the city.

Or the block.

They're crappy games. They just are. I can't understand why fans gush over these games and bite the heads off of people who dislike them for LEGITIMATE reasons. What's more, I can't understand why they get so offended in the first place. But if I continue on that track, this blog will become about respecting each other's opinions again...I've written enough of those. So, before I go into a rant...Look guys... I enjoy Dynasty Warriors, but face the facts. The game is as bland as white bread and water.

White Knight Chronicles 2 is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It IS a crappy game. You can like it, but you shouldn't ignore its flaws and claim that the reviews it got were undeserved.


So really, what this all comes down to is the fact that there are certain games....err...certain bad games out there that I happen to enjoy for whatever reason. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent hacking and slashing in Dynasty Warriors because it's embarrassing. And you'll probably be even more disgusted with me if I mentioned how I've played that game longer than I've played Skyrim. Oops.

Oh well. For whatever reason, there are crappy games that I enjoy. And I know I'm not the only one. So what legitimately crappy game do you happen to like? And if you can explain why you enjoy it well...you'll be one step ahead of me XD


Take care!



P.S. I know this isn't the longest blog I've written in the world so do excuse me for that :P Been busy researching. But I do want to say that you guys are doing an excellent job with the GaMe blogs. Incredibly creative and incredibly funny. So thank you to all those participating!