Well I'd say that Gamify Me's first week was a pretty decent success. Since this is the first recap blog, I'm just going to give you a brief idea of what each one will do. I'll be providing links to each of the blogs for the week as well as well as the thoughts of the person of the week along with my own. they will be done in the order they are posted. At the end of this blog you will find the winner of the week. That person will be next to be gamified in the following week.

So then! Let's jump right in and take a look at this past week's madness, shall we?



The Politician, Sharp-eyed Six Shooter of the West by Euphoric Ennui

This was written by yours truly. In other words, it sucked and ought to be completely disregarded. It tales the tale of Kevin, a sharp-shooting child prodigy through the voice of Morgan Freeman apparently (lol...Cody). Some people might think it is from the voice of an old-west drunkard... but you're wrong.

N7Kevin says: This story was very entertain as it took a different perspective than the rest. It was a folk tale told in the west by an illiterate drunk. It picked up (unknowingly) on some of my mannerisms and skills. It arguably made me the most manly out of the 5 blogs. 

Personal Thoughts: Posts like these kind of make me wonder how a guy like EE even has friends. Seriously what a dirty, ugly looking piece of monkey ***. I did like his use of the word "shucks" though...



N7Kevin... savior of the universe by Chris, the savior of the galaxy

Throwing Kevin into the Mass Effect universe, Chris's humorous tale of thresher maws and Amazon women is certainly unique. And you'll never guess how Kevin manages to save the day...


N7Kevin says: I don't know what to write. This was eccentric and a bit unnerving, thou quite entertaining. I am just glad I have normalish hands.


Personal Thoughts: The first time I read it I kinda...had to read it again to believe someone could write something so silly. Out of all of them, this one I wanted to know Kevin's thoughts on the most because I am certain he was in the same boat as me. Neither of us likely suspected such crazy in a single post...lol



N7Kevin Noire by Le Hannibal

Le Hannibal's penchant for eccentricity in his posts is alive and well in his GaMe entry. But to say anything besides it involving a watermelon and a fly swatter would do it an injustice. Check it out...don't drink milk while you do. Trust me.


Personal Thoughts: Ahhh crap...I forgot to mention something >.>




N7Kevin - Assassins Kung Fu Creed by Jolt

This is perhaps the strangest blog you're likely to read from the guy becoming increasingly infamous for disliking Batman. Also, think what you want Jolt, but I say you're an excellent blogger. Boo ya.

N7Kevin Says: Which was great and compared me to Bruce lee, which made me feel like this. It's description especially the N7 on my let chest was great.

(Kevin was referring to the following pic...)

Personal Thoughts: I loved the Bruce Lee references. Being a fan of the mastah, they stood out to me quite a bit. Also, if anyone calls Jolt an idiot for this blog and writes a GaMe entry themselves...they're disqualified xD Personally, I think it was idiotic in the best sense. Assassins, brawling a bear, glistening...err...chests? Definitely the good kind of idiotic.



Unit N7-Kevin by DJH

Taking place in the Fallout universe, DJH's unique narrating fits well with his robotic version of Kevin. Offering plenty of pictures to help illustrate the action, DJH shares a touching story on how even a robot can learn what it means to love...I'm totally kidding about the love stuff. But there are pictures. And they are neat.

N7Kevin Says: Was good as it did the most tie-ins and referenced me with about all the info available on the internet. I also adore fallout3.

Personal Thoughts: After reading DJH's comments and seeing the effort he put into making the blog all about Kevin, I was even more impressed. I'd say this was a perfect example of what Gamify me is supposed to be about. It showed that DJH really tried to get to know Kevin.



The Winner

Some of you might have guessed it already, but the winner is Le Hannibal. This was an error on my fault but it will be remedied for next week's edition. Here's what K7Kevin had to say regarding the winning entry and why he chose it...

"The reason it wins is because of it's absolute hilarity. It at points made me burst out laughing. The overall story was short wacky and concise. It was amazing and I can't wait to write my own tale of Hannibal in the coming week."

So there you have it! Congrats Le Hannibal on winning the first week of Gamify Me. As for you, N7Kevin, thank you again for participating and inspiring this whole thing in the first place. You can now place the "I've Been Gamified" badge in your profile :P


As for everyone else, be sure to check out Le Hannibal in the coming week. Try to get to know him. This of course, involves just talking to the guy. Check out his blogs, his interests, etc. Who knows? You guys might just become friends in the end. And you can never have too many friends. :)


As always take care and happy gaming,



P.S. Just a special note to those being gamified. If you are going to put up your winner's bio on your profile, be sure to do it only AFTER the winner has been announced. :)