He never missed a shot. Heck, they could say that 'bout his birth too if ya think about it. Ya ever seen how hard it is ta hit a bullseye the size of a pinhead? Darn near improbable. But the boy did it. For his entire life he'd keep doing it too.


I reckon Kevin musta been somewhere around five years when I first saw him shoot. Hooo we! What a sight that was. Each shot from his father's Walker six-shot, like the crack of thunder! Each one hit its mark too. One can after another. Can ya imagine the sight? Can ya imagine the crowd when they see this lil boy holding that four pound beast with both hands? The thing was darn near as big as he was! And all he had ta do was take a moment before the first shot, and the next he was all done. The crowd was hollering so loud ya had thought we'd struck gold.


But that's what started it. The boy was a prodigi...prodi...the boy was special, no doubt. But as quick as his gun-slinging was, his mind was quicker. Now, I can read me some. Even write ma name all pretty like. One of ma girls done showed me how after I was through with her. Belle, pretty little thing...


But this boy made her look about as dumb as a drunken mule, he did. I tell you wut, after I saw that boy discuss here and there with the mayor and get that man all flustered up, the same man who stared Barrel Bellied Billy straight in the eye...well shucks, I done near shi-


Beggin ya pardon ladies. Least I caught myself, right?


Kevin took over the town darn near the moment he hit twenty three. And no of us cared ta object ta it. He just walked right in on the mayor at the time, some feebled fella with nerves like a jack rabbit, walked right in and said, "Mayor, yer relieved."


Well if it wasn't the strangest news ya ever heard. But that man got right up. And we, all the town, after watching that boy grow up, knew we were in good hands. Shucks, he mighta been a youngin, but there ain't never was a more prosperous time for our quaint little slice of civilization.


The boy's biggest moment was yet ta come though. Ya know we all have ta fight some battle sooner or later. After something like two years more, though...heck if I know how ta count well enough...this trio of brothers came a ridin' in like a pack of coyotes. Hollerin and yippin and claiming the town was theirs for the takin.


Now, our Sheriff didn't like that one bit, 'course. He came walkin out ta meet em. Poor fella never gotta say a word though. The biggest, meanest lookin of em took one look at the sheriff's badge and done shot him where he staod. That done got the whole town in a frenzy of sorts. The quiet kind that screams submission.


Kevin wouldn't have that though. He had been getting ready ta meet them himself. But the moment he heard that single gunshot, he came racing out of the town hall, roaring like thunder.


He had ta stop though when he saw the barrel of that polished Colt. He stopped, but his expression didn't change one bit.


"Now then," the Sheriff's killer said. " We're the Thorpe Brothers. I'll bet you've heard of us."


We sure had. There wasn't a part in the West that hadn't heard of them. They were about as bad as bad news could get.


"You," the older brother continued. "Must be the man everyone calls the Politician. I heard ya can talk yer way out of being mauled by a grizzly and if that don't work, you could always shoot it dead in the eye before it even thinks of takin a swipe at ya."


Kevin, in this real...damit wut was that word...eloquent! Kevin, replies all eloquent like.


"That would be me." He said it with a nod and a stare like death itself. But ya see, these Thorpe brothers were real acquainted with death.


Well the brothers got real happy at the news. They hopped off their mangy lookin horses, never once removing their guns from Kevin's direction.


"Well, Mister Po-li-ti-cian. We're gonna have a little showdown. Three rounds." See, I was smart enough ta know he was actually holdin up two fingers instead. "Three words," he repeated. "You'll go up against the youngest, but heeellll if he ain't the fastest. Make it past him, you'll go up against the other. You make it past him," his mouth opened in this wide smile. Woulda been a toothy one too if he had any teeth left. "You do that, and you gotta contend with me."


Kevin smiled just as wide, but them pearly whites shone brighter than the sun. "No," he said. "All three at once. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair."


Now, shootin three cans in a split second was one thing. But these cans could move and shoot back. I won't lie. I figured our beloved mayor was done for. That desert sun finally done fried his big ol' brain. The Thorpe brothers just laughed. "Alright," they responded.


The three of them stood in a line, and holstered their weapons. Each one of them watched with such a menacing grin, I knew they were gonna riddle Kevin with holes. They done knew it too.


The moments passed by like the long hours of the afternoon with the four of them staring each other down, still as statues. Then the youngest Thorpe brother twitched his hand.


Three shots rang out just as the wind picked up. The dust made it darn near impossible to see. Hooo we but when it cleared!


Our mayor stood tall, his pistol still held high. But the brothers stood too, though they looked the size of mice. On the dusty earth, in between the legs of each one of them was a single bullet hole. They stared down in unison, the color washing away from their faces as their wide eyes began ta comprehend what had done occurred. They looked back up at Kevin, the Politician, frightful and tremblin.


"Get out of my town," Kevin said with a tone about as deadly as his Walker. "Otherwise, the next three bullets go in your heads."


Well, that was all the motivation they needed. They keeled-hauled it out of town faster than it takes me to down a single shot of whisky.


That was our Kevin, the Politician. Never killed a soul if he didn't have to. And he didn't in the case of the Thorpe brothers. By the time they reached the next town, word had gotten 'round of how he whipped them real good. The moment they rode in, a posse was waitin' to mock and drag em off to the noose.


Kevin was a powerful good fella. He was the best mayor a town ever had and, I reckon, the best a town ever will have too.

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