*Note* Considering that this is the first time any of us is doing this, Ownzoir has suggested that those of you participating link back to this first blog so that others will become aware of it. So somewhere in the first paragraph, be sure to link back here. Thanks again Ownzoir!


You know, I've been on this site for over two years now. And while I've got friends like BlackHeartedWolf and Saint and Mojo and Stranger doing all these great activities that bring the community together, I haven't contributed a thing.


Well...we can rule out the latter... Wait. What?

Bad EE...bad. No...*slaps self with a rolled up newspaper*

But it wasn't because I didn't want to. It's just because I couldn't think of anything cool enough :/

Then, something magical happened.

Not really. But here's what happened. A while ago, I asked for people to help me make up a new profile. Only person responded and only one person went through with it (you guys are mean). Granted, it took that person longer than expected. But without any goading on my part N7Kevin not only came through with an epic (and true) story about yours truly, he inspired me to come up with this...

The premise is real simple...

This event will be on a weekly basis. I will choose a member to be gamified. The person to be gamified will be announced in the Gamify Me (or GaMe...neat right?) recap blog. That will be a Sunday so GIO members have plenty of time.

During the week, it is up to our fellow GIO members to check out the chosen person's bio, blogs, comments, whatever. Try and get to know them in any way you can. Even by talking to them...Yes, that's totally legal. And then...write a blog about them as a video game character. You can include a story about their exploits and adventures, but the key is to incorporate their actual personality into the story as well. Be sure to include how they were born and whatever special talents they might have.

When you make a blog like this, include the letters "GaMe", the week number, and then the title you want for it. For example...

GaMe #1- N7Kevin, The Other Freeman

or something ten times better than that.

By the following Sunday, I will have up a blog highlighting some of my favorites. However, the person who was picked for the week gets to pick the winning blog and they'll let me know before I put up my highlights blog so that I can announce the winner as well (through pm naturally). That blog can then go up directly on the person's bio along with this exclusive badge thingy...


Pretty neat huh? :D


Be sure to credit the person who gamified you if you put it up in your bio. That's just common sense though isn't it? Probably. I dunno.

As for the person who's blog gets chosen, guess what? You're the next person to get gamified! If you don't want to have people write crazy, potentially better-than-your-actual-life, epic video game stories about you, be sure to let me know so I can find another person who wants a go. Though, why you wouldn't want something like that is beyond me...Seriously, have you seen the story Kevin wrote me? My abs can literally crush skulls. Dragon skulls. Raging dragon skulls. Don't you want that too?

There are a few, likely obvious, rules to keep in mind you go about writing.

1. The bio has to have obvious video game influences. You know, using settings like Skyrim, Ravenholm, or characters like zombies, witchers. If it just feels like it's coming completely out of left field well...there's no real video game influencing you, is there?

2. Don't make it too long! Several page narratives are cool and all...but not everybody might want something like that on their bio. Try and maintain a balance of being meaty and developed without dragging on.

3. Be creative. If you want your blog to really stand out, don't go with the typical, cliched, and mundane. Maybe the member you're writing about had a brief zombie romance that ended when he was sent to fight the OpFor on Tattoine. I don't know. Just throwing that out there...don't use that lol

4. Don't be offensive. This isn't your chance to secretly bash someone. You can make jokes and stuff. But if you're going to write something that might be questionable, be sure to check with the person and see if that sort of thing is okay. If they say it's okay, then it's okay with me.

Really, if you want an idea of the kind of thing I'm looking for, just take a look at Kevin's marvelous portrayal of me on my own profile. Did I mention it's totally true too?

Anyway...when I read Kevin's bio, not only did I see some obvious video game references, but I noticed things that tied directly with my personality as well. He mentioned how I might have written an Elders Scroll, which seems to poke at my habit for writing lengthy pieces. He politely made reference to my attitude. I won't deny that I can be blatantly arrogant at times, but he defined it as confidence...I like that :P I'm confident. Not arrogant lol...

But that's the sort of thing that demonstrates creativity as well as the fact that he's taken the time to get to know me. And that brings me to what I hope we can all accomplish with this activity...

The main goal, first and foremost, is to encourage us all to get to know each other better. The others have been doing a great job tying the community together. The GaMe blogs are just another knot on the rope.

Now then, for the very first GaMe, who better to be picked than the guy who inspired this all? For the following week, write a video game bio for N7Kevin.

You can find his profile here.


So that's it. For the first ever GaMe blogs, write about N7Kevin. You deserve it buddy. Unless they all make fun of you. In that case...you deserve it buddy. ;)

Hope you guys have fun. I'm going to be doing this myself :D


Take care!