What does the Hoover Vacuum and Bethesda have in common? You might say nothing, and for the time being you could be right. However, how many are you were aware that the Hoover vacuum company essentially lost their trademarks by not defending them?


Still not seeing a connection?


The word "hoovering" had come to be used to describe vacuuming regardless of who actually manufactured it. Vacuuming in general, at the time, was synonymous with the Hoover brand. Had Hoover defended their patents, that would not have been the case, or at least, they would have been continuously compensated for it (or so I would imagine…I’m no expert naturally).


Bethesda suing Mojang is actually not as absurd as people think. It is somewhat nonsensical, but the fact still remains that history has demonstrated already the consequences of what happens if a company does not protect every aspect of their patents.


I want to be clear, though. I am by no means taking sides. While a part of me still considers the actions on Bethesda’s part quite silly, another part of me almost suspects Mojang is up to something childish. And I say that because of this: think about the name. What the bloody hell kind of name is “Scrolls” for a game?


How vague!


How boring!


How generally uninspiring!


For that reason alone, Mojang should just go ahead and change the title. It’s not about the big evil corporation stepping on the little guy. They should be trying a bit harder to leave an impression with the game and “Scrolls” isn’t exactly awe-inspiring. It doesn’t have the same sort of connotation other one word, one syllable titles like “Rage” or “Doom” might have. And that’s for the very reasons I pretty much listed off. It’s vague, it’s boring, and it is way to general. This is the company that developed Minecraft, after all! Surely, SURELY they can come up with something a little more creative, right?


Please Tell me I'm not the only one who's absolutely

BORED by this name...

Honestly, whether you agree with Bethesda’s actions or not, this is, in a way, a necessary evil. This is how a patent works. It would have been fine if “Scrolls” referred to an actual card game instead of a video game, but it doesn’t. Companies share patents frequently. Going back to “Rage” the video game, the word can also be applied to “Rage” the scooter company. Since they are in two completely different markets, it is easy enough for them to coexist. But that’s not the case here.

This is not the same as...



In the end, this is really just a waste of EVERYBODY’S time. And while yes, it is a bit stupid how this all works, it’s the business world. Are you really that surprised?


As always, take care and happy gaming gang!