Before I hear any cries in agreement or in rage, let me quickly say (Specter520…I swear to GOD, put down that pitchfork…jk bro lol) that this blog is in no way as serious as you might think it is. Yes, since this is the Internet and people are easily offended, I thought I should cover my arse from the onset and point out that this is largely SATIRICAL. So sit back, laugh a little, and make sure the point of this all doesn’t slip you by. Because you’re all morons…unless you game on a pc.


Alright look gang, I’m going to be honest with you all. I am a PC gamer. That’s right. All I care about are high FPS, neon blue case lights (mine even changes colors too), and how developers who were PC-first are selling out left and right. And if you took anything from that last sentence seriously, I shake my head at you.


My point is, yes I’m a PC gamer, but am I an elitist pig? Okay well actually…drop the elitist and you might be on to something (do not put a domino’s sub in front of me…or if you do, remove your hand very quickly). I am honestly HAPPY that developers throughout this generation have managed to bring these great PC experiences to more affordable consoles.


PC gaming does have its benefits, but so do console gaming...I think. 



Why? Well, let’s face it… not everyone can be rich like me and own an ’02 Ford Taurus that hemorrhages gas like it’s bad Indian food (I’m part India…it’s okay). Oh yeah…I got that car for free. Oh yeah, I’m a believer in public transportation now…and running. But, whether or not computers are affordable gaming platforms is a discussion for another day. My opinion, they are… Save it…save it. That day will come.


These misconceptions about PC gamers is just as hurtful and wrong as the misconception that everybody on Xbox playing CoD are 12 year olds…even if they’re really 39. And as we all know, being twelve and ACTING twelve are two different things. The second one is much, MUCH worse.


Still totalllllyyyy not taking sides. Also, speaking of stereotypes wow...just wow. 

See how messed up they can be? Just sayin..



Now I am not saying such stereotypes are always wrong. I am a PC gamer and I will tell you right now, I am better than you (kidding). After all, the very nature of a stereotype is that it originates from a common truth. But you have to consider two things in regards how true a stereotype remains:


(1) Its historical origin


(2) Whether or not it is still currently relevant.


The idea that PC gamers are elitists is one that started way back when computer entertainment was much more expensive. I’m not saying it still isn’t, but statistically speaking, can you honestly argue against the fact that more and more homes today have access to at least one computer?



See? Even among computer users, there's still squabbling. Also, I'm not taking sides. 

Also, whoever made this image, I've got bad news for you... you're a homophobe



With that said, the stereotype is fading, because with accessibility, the very notion of being an elitist goes out the window. You’re not elite if you’re not special. Therefore, the cultural relevance of that stereotype is in a sharp decline. I just bought my parents a $600 HP from Coscto that included a 23” full HD LED screen. Don’t tell me that’s not a good deal lol. It plays Amnesia just fine too :P. Not that any of us has the guts to play that game for too long. Me poor old grandmum nearly had a heart attack, yes she did.


But keep in mind, I mentioned it is FADING. We do still have the FPS nuts who tout how their computer is like five ps3’s combined, who’ve got more tubes and fans going in and out of their system than their home’s A/C unit, the ones who spend $1000 alone on flashy lights and excessive sound systems with no real point besides blowing off their ear drums. But those kinds of PC gamers are increasingly the minority in a much larger group.  I for one, praise developers who manage to bring their creative ip’s to all platforms so that more people can enjoy them. Developers like CDProject, Frictional Games (you know it’s gonna be good when they manage to port it) and Valve particularly (yeah, yeah I know about the PS3 crap a while back. But that’s irrelevant now) take the time to make sure their experiences are enjoyable across all platforms. However, developers who take the easy way out and make basic ports for either pc’s or consoles are typically the spark plugs in these debates about what platform is better than the other, that PC gaming is dying or superior or whatever the hell people want to gripe about at that moment in time. And to those devs I say, no. *rolls up a newspaper and slaps them on the nose* Bad! Bad developers… Wait, paper newspapers still exist, right?


And face it folks, while there are still those FPS (frames per second) jerks out there, there’s also the console equivalent. What it all boils down to is being a fanboy or fangirl. PC Elitist is just a fancy way of saying exactly that. And all those fanLOSERS are still the vast minority of gamers out there. And least, let’s hope they are. Given the anonymous nature of the Internet, they could easily be masking their numbers and eventually bring about the apocalypse. You know, either them or the Illuminati…or whatever.


So here’s what it all boils down to. Don’t generalize, don’t assume, and don’t accuse. Yes there are PC elitists, but they don’t and will NEVER make up the whole…unlike those of the Xbox Live community. KIDDING



As always, take care gang,




Oh yeah... one last thought...


As if I WASN'T gonna include this pic. P.S. rumor has it they asked Gabe Newell to model for them.