I hope nobody comes into this blog ready to fight (lol...it's the Internet. I'm not naive). I would like to state that it is far from the purpose of this blog to depict this new trend in gaming as being 'evil,' and that's coming from a PC gamer. I'm actually more curious on everybody else's take.

But before we get to that, I'm just going to talk about a bit of what I've observed.

In the past, it was the other way around with PC games being ported over for consoles. It happened with games like Doom 3, Half Life 2, and Jedi Knights: Jedi Outcast among a number of other titles. However, the trend in the current generation of gaming has reversed things. While it's not unusual for games to go multiplatform, there has been a much more notable emphasis on creating console-centric games and then placing them on the PC.


While the original Xbox version wasn't as amazing as the PC,

the series was done proper justice in the Orange Box collection.


It's not inherently bad either way, if you ask me. But just so long as the experience holds up. Frankly, after reading quite a number of reviews on Crysis 2, I'm not sure I'm going to bother getting it because it honestly sounds like throughout it's development, console play took a priority. Not saying it's bad, but for a guy who plays pretty much exclusively on PC, there's little incentive for me to pick it up now.

Thankfully, not all games are like this. Bioware was smart when it came to their first Mass Effect game (not so much with Dragon Age...) and made sure to cater to both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms with different interfaces. Not saying that's easy, or even cheap to do, but when buggy excuses of a port like the PC version of GTA4 or lazy attempts like that of Fable 3 and Crysis 2 that fail to even get rid of certain console-centric features are released, I get kind of...really...annoyed. And as it so happens, ported games like Mass Effect are more often the exception than the rule in this generation.


The separate interfaces catered to both control systems.


The way I see it, if you are really so inclined to "share your gift with the rest of the world" do it right or don't do it at all. More often than not, half-hearted attempts only serve to alienate future customers. And yeah, PC gamers are the minority, but I'm talking about it going both ways, not just one. And I say this because it's been proven time and again that it can be done. You can release multiplatform titles that play just as fine on any system. So why can't that be done with ports that come later?

Don't you think if companies were to take the time to show ports a little more love they'd fare better? People do notice when you're giving them the short end of the stick and nobody likes that.

Honestly, the first thing I expect for people to bring up on the matter is pirating. The PC crowd is, unfortunately, notorious for pirating. I'd ask for them to stop because those involved are only serving to hurt PC gamers in general, but that's unlikely. I realize that's one of the major reasons video games today put PC gaming in the backseat. Still, from my perspective, if that's what is deterring developers from putting more effort into PC ports, I have to wonder whether or not they're better off just not bothering. I'd personally prefer not ever having a chance to play a game on the PC than wasting my honest, hard-earned money on a mediocre port. But that's just me.

So now it's everybody else's turn to weigh in on the matter. What do you think of the mediocre PC ports we tend to see these days? Are they even mediocre? Or am I just seeing things? It certainly wouldn't be the first time :P

Plus, what do I know anyway? I'm only a single, extremely fallible human.

Take care gang! And you know me, I don't mind being proven wrong. :D