I know humor is subjective. I also know that our society as a whole seems to have rather weak funny bones...

OH OH before I go any further, I'll make a video game application so people will stop whining about whether this belongs on GI or not. Um um... Valve Games (you can NOT tell me Portal doesn't have a sense of humor), Ratchet and Clank, Fable games, etc.

Do you see my point yet? No? GREAT GAMES HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. But gamers? Unless you're Ghostpig, I think a lot of us tend to neglect the poor lil fella. Seriously, we need to start exercising our sense of humor a bit more. To do so, I have compiled a series of tests so that you may be able to judge your sense of humor for yourself. Remember the amount of them that actually make you laugh for after the tests to see where you stand.


Let's begin...

We'll start off with something simple. If you would please direct your attention to the image below (with thanks to 7ravis...no I didn't ask for your permission bud. But you're cool enough. I know you don't care...that and I can read your mind...you are thinking of pickles. You weren't? OH well..uh...)...ENOUGH WITH THE CREDITS! Look at the god dang picture!

Test #1- As the Balls toll or Oingo Groin..go..whatever. I'm trying >.>

Why is this funny? Just look at the expression of pain upon Patrick's face. His eyes bulging, his mouth agape! And his balls...in agony. Yes, quite funny...quite funny indeed.


Test #2-The best part of waking up...is waking up and realizing it's a Saturday.

This should be funny due to it's blunt commentary on the typical American tradition of drinking coffee. From this short passage we gather that coffee is crucial if we are to be more energetic...and stupid...during our daily routines. Coffee? I say yes please...


Test #3 It's the Law

Each and every one of you who read this last test just broke the law. Promptly turn your...xD I can't do it. This is just stupid. Seriously, we have some really STUPID laws. For example, did you know:

Test #4-

In Florida, if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, the parking fee has to be paid just as it would for a vehicle.

Test #5-

In Massachusetts, no gorilla is allowed in the back seat of any car. Sorry Magilla...

Test #6-

In New York, slippers are not to be worn after 10:00 PM.


Now before the test continues, keep in mind that those past few tests are real. REAL!! As in, you can totally get arrested for things like that. Believe me I know. The county still has my elephant in their possession. Poor Bubbles...

Now back to the tests.


Test #7- The Joke's on you

Ever seen ads like this?

Ever clicked on them?




Test #8- Ignorance is Bliss..and also insanely funny

Just take a look at some of the user comments on GI. Am I saying I'm better than everybody else? Of course not!...I think it's already pretty obvious. What's funny is that we all make stupid, ignorant comments at times. ALL OF US! Once we realize the mistake we've made, we should be able to LAUGH IT OFF! It's funny! You made a stupid, funny comment. So laugh! The rest of us will join you too! Don't worry, the finger pointing and insults towards your intellect are only signs of our approval.


Test #9- God Created us All Equally...I just don't think that applies to looks...

If he came down my chimney, I'd start looking for heaps of dead reindeer on my rooftop


Such obedience! Such honor! Such res--HUH?!


Final Test- No need to explain...



The results are based on how many tests managed to make you laugh. While some tests had multiple...whatever...in them, if you laughed at any part of it, then count it as one point. There are ten tests total, so you can get ten points total...duh....Go ahead and see how you scored!


  • 10 points- Calm down...Not all of them were that funny. You're like that annoying chick who laughs at everything a guy says just because she wants the guy to notice her. IT NEVER WORKS! It just creeps them out...which is probably what you did to anyone who was in earshot of you while you read this blog.
  • 9-7 points- You're probably around where you should be. Congrats! You have a sense of humor that probably isn't over active or broken!
  • 6-4 points- Not bad...but there's still room to loosen up. If I was to guess, I'd say you probably have a more cynical sense of humor. Let's be friends! :D
  • 3-1 points- There's something long and hard sticking out your ass...
  • 0 points- You're probably the type who got slightly irked that I didn't start the point system at 0 instead of 10.You're probably also ready to complain over the fact that I made a perfect score of ten seem as bad as getting a 0. Here's what I say to that...

*walks away*


THERE! You're all done. Personally, I scored about an 8. Of course, like I said before humor is subjective but I think we can all agree that it is an important facet of the gaming community. If you're not into fun and laughter though, you're probably Kotick.