Hello all, it's my 15th blog post (go me) and today I felt the need to talk about morals.


You're thinking this is about Grand Theft Auto V.


You're wrong.


Bioshock 2 is the list for today, but also Bioshock 1 must be mentioned as well since you can't have the direct sequel without its predecessor. I noticed something today that made me a bit sick. As some of you may know, I swapped my game systems. I went for a PS3 instead of a 360 because I hated to pay that internet cost (that went well *sarcasm*).  I had to restart all of my games, literally, since DLC, achievements/trophies and data doesn't transfer. Our topic today is...


Save or Harvest.


Isn't she cute? This one comes from 2, but they're similar to Bioshock 1. That's not what the debate is however, the debate is... Harvest or Save. As any fan or player of the game(s) could tell you, there are two options when getting ADAM (Your level up device, as it were) in the game. You can Rescue the Little Sister and get less ADAM but potentially larger rewards later on, or you can Harvest a Sister, get no rewards later on, but get much ADAM now. It's kind of like choosing instant gratitude vs a slow burn that feels great and fuzzy.

Saving/Rescuing Little Sisters

^I've got the power!!

Morally, I like to think that most people would save someone's life, even if it meant putting theirs at greater risk for taking less instant rewards. Saving a Little Sister gets you about 1/3 of the ADAM you'd normally get from Harvesting.

I like this option. I fancy myself as a kind of White Knight.

*Maybe not this White Knight

I don't like to harm anyone. Most would consider this odd since, when I play games, I'm absolutely ruthless and bloodthirsty. So when I decided, on my 360, to do a Harvest run for the achievement, you can imagine that didn't go so well for me. I'll get to that later, but to finish this section up with a neat bow, I liked this option a lot.


Rewards later for saving lives now? Being able to alter a small child's fate so they have a chance to live? In those moments, I WAS Jack/Subject Delta (1 and 2, not the same person), I was the White Knight they were waiting for... and it felt great, even though they don't exist. If there's a drop of good in the sea of hate, there was a reason for my doing it. Ok, maybe not as poetic as that, but you get the idea. Then there is...


Harvesting Little Sisters

^Trust me, that's not because she hates chocolate ice cream.


Harvesting kills the Little Sisters. Let's put the Elephant in the Room, as it were. This goes back to my saying how I believe most people are generally good.

I harvested a single Little Sister by accident my first playthrough of Bioshock. It tore a hole in my stomach and, quite literally, made me howl. This isn't some kind of weakness, this was... playing God. I had a choice in my hands. That choice wasn't one I wanted to make, but I wanted to get an achievement, so wasn't that good enough?

This got me max ADAM in the game, to be sure, but it made the Big Daddy fights more of a chore and a drag and less of a boss fight. I realized that there was a lesson to learn here, or two.

1. Know your limits. I can play this game with the Harvesting on full now, but I mute it. I cannot stand those screams. No, don't expect me to come boo hooing here and hoping someone will give me a hug and tell me it's ok. It's not ok, the world sucks, but you can still do things within your limits to live life.

2. Morality can be blurred. I wonder, and this will be my question at the end, what would you do? Let's say you're Jack, since I liked him a bit more than Delta, and put you in that position. You have one shot to get out of Rapture, Tenenbaum has just asked you to not hurt her 'Little ones' and to rescue them while Atlas whispers in your ear that you won't survive without harvesting (take the WYK thing out of equation for question's sake).

Could you kill to survive? Would you, would you find another way, would you be able to make the choice that sucks the big one? How many of us, I wonder, could survive a situation like that... We're gamers, writers, people, not trapped animals trying to eke out a living, but there might be a time where we must do that.

I know this was a darker blog, I do apologize if it made a bad night worse or if I have insulted anyone. I wrote this because a question of morality always shows up in the M rated games, I feel. It's why they're M rated some of the times, not because they're excessively violent or sexual or what have you, but because they pose questions that we may not get until we're older.

Give me a shout in the comments on what you thought of both the blog and what you would do if you were in Rapture and had one shot to get out. I want to hear other sides, inflections, tones. This world is like a symphony and I play but one chord, I want to hear others. Anyways, this blog was fun, in its own way, hope you all have a great evening.