If you were to ask me which now debunked developing studio had the most potential, I would say Vigil Games. Darksiders was perhaps my favorite game series of this generation, and simply comparing those two games, it’s amazing how much they improved in such a short time. The fact that they went down with THQ is a tragedy, and I can’t help but wonder what they could have accomplished had they been given the opportunity. So with that said, here’s a short list of things I think they could’ve done well. For full disclosure, this is just me rattling off things I think they’d be good at, leaving existing publishers out of it. With that out of the way here are five things (in no particular order) that Vigil Games should have done, that isn’t Darksiders.


1. Crawler

This was apparently the codename for a new IP Vigil was working on in the waning days of THQ, and from what I’ve heard it was really interesting. I can only imagine what Vigil had in store, but unless Nordic Games can bring them back together, I’m just going to be left wondering. (Sorry for the unrelated image, I couldn't find any pictures.) 


2. Prince of Persia

Considering how well wall running was implemented in Darksiders 2, I can’t help but think that Vigil could make a damn cool Prince of Persia game. Vigil’s penchant for stylish combat could have been just what the series needed to get back on its feet, assuming the story didn’t suffer as a consequence.



3. Medievil

 Maybe it’s because the style is so similar to Darksiders, but the idea of Vigil making a new Medievil just sounds amazing. The problem with updating a series like this is that it needs some overhauling in the gameplay, something I think Vigil Games could have done splendidly.



4. Castlevania

With MercurySteam finishing up their take on Castlevania, someone needs to pick up the reigns, and considering how great of a 3D Castlevania that Darksiders 2 was, I have no doubt that Vigil could have come up with something just as great for an honest-to-goodness Castlevania game.

(On a side note, MercurySteam could make a fantastic Darksiders game.)



5. Diablo

Darksiders 2 had an excellent loot system incorporated into it, and I’d love to see Vigil Games incorporate that kind system, plus their unique style of action, into Diablo, or even a Diablo clone. I’m not saying it has to be as expansive or intricate as Diablo, but they could do a damn fine job nonetheless, The Style fits at the very least.




It’s a crying shame that Vigil Games had to suffer the same fate as THQ, and while it is fortunate that Nordic Games bought the Darksiders series and are interested in making another one, it hinges on whether or not they can bring the team back together. I know it’s a long shot, but there’s nothing wrong with having hope.