Rockstar came out guns blazing with their most recent trailer for GTA V. Tuesday they released a new gameplay trailer showing off a lot of in-game footage. Everything from a jet zooming over a dam, to showing a little about how you can plan the heist yourself. Though, that stuff isn't what stuck with me the most. What did is the last 19 seconds of the trailer. The trailer briefly mentions GTA V Online. As per protocol they couldn't show us more awesome stuff, or our heads would explode (or implode maybe), so they just said they'll have more on it soon. That means it's time to spark the wild speculation fire.

The first thing I noticed was numbers. So I looked for the highest number, and counted the amount of players shown. There were 16 players shown including the person that was recording, and the highest dev number was 19. The dev numbers don't necessarily mean anything, but the amount of players do. We know there can be at least 16 people. Well that's a starting point, but what if the number is significantly higher? 64, 94, 100, over 9000?!?!? We know that Los Santos is big. Rockstar even said that it's the size of GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and San Andreas COMBINED. Well having only 16 players in that big of a map would seem too uneven. I feel like 64-100 is the sweet spot if the map is as big as they claim.

So how is the multiplayer going to play? Will it just be TDM matches? From the look of things I would doubt it. It looks like they're going for a more RDR approach with a session being an open world that not only can you explore, but potentially do tons of challenges, or missions. What if it's more than that though? What if you can have gang wars via Rockstar's Clan system? What if you can complete 3-4 player (maybe 20-player?!) heists? I see a lot of options, and possibilities for Rockstar. 

Rockstar has my attention, and I can't wait to here more about there multiplayer. Expect my thoughts on the details when they talk about it.