Hi, all!

I'm here to shamelessly attempt a promotion of the blog/podcast I've begun. Forgive me if this is frowned upon, as I am fairly unfamiliar with the etiquette of User Blogs. If you haven't left the page out of disgust yet (thank you), let me explain what we do.

We're called Bad Mojo. We spend most of our time talking about video games. But we've been known to dive into other subjects. Subjects like comics, sports, movies, Ron Pearlman, toenails, sandwiches...the point is that we're bad at staying on track. 

You can find our stuff here!

We're also on Facebook! And Twitter! You can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. 

We've also been trying our hand at live streaming. Our Twitch channel has some videos that we've recorded. 

We've already recorded 4 episodes, so go get listening. We plan on taking questions from listeners in a future episode, so get at us on Facebook and Twitter and ask away! We'd love to start interacting with listeners more.

Thanks for reading this and giving us a listen.