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Last time, we looked at the top 10 WORST twist of all time. With so much crap in one blog post, it was overwhelming to write. In the blog, some guy named Kev posted a comment which reads: "I would like to see what a "good" movie twist is for you." I dunno if he said this because he disagreed with the entire thing, or if he was actually curious, but either way, I thought it would be fair (and fun) to write up what are, in my opinion, the best movie twists of all time.

Also (**READ THIS**) some of these will be very spoiler filled depending on if you saw the movie or not. For special entries in the list, I will put up an asterisk like this * to indicate that if you haven't seen the movie, it would be better to watch it first if it's possible, for it could ruin the experience for you if you do decide to watch it. Anything without the asterisk just means that it is just so famous that it won't really ruin anything for most people. So without furtherado, a look into the 10 greatest mindf*cks in entertainment history!

#10: Samuel L. Jackson VS. Bruce Willis from Unbreakable

Remember when M. Night Shyamallamallamallamallamallamallamaduck made good movies? Yeah, so do I. And this was his last great achievement before he tripped over on Signs. Unbreakable.

The Plot: Turns out, BRUCE WILLIS IS A SUPERHERO! He has super strength, can overcome almost any obstacle (like a huge train derailing), can sense when someone's committed a crime, and, unfortunately, has a weakness (Water...just like the aliens from Signs!). So he becomes mentored by Samuel L. Jackson, who is a wheelchair bound comic book obsessive motherf***er. But Samuel L. Jackson may not be who everyone sees him to be, though...

The Twist: Every superhero has an arch nemesis, but who is Bruce's? Well remember that one train derailing in the beginning? Well that was caused by Sam Jackson. Not only that, but he also caused quite a lot of disasters involving a plane crash. Why? Because he wants to find the one person who has the same "unbreakable" powers as him. Oh, and that means that Samuel L. Jackson is also invulnerable, just like Bruce Willis. Wow, two twists in one. You don't disappoint, Shyamalan...oh wait, you do. Alot. Just not here you don't.

#9: THEY'RE FREAKING PEOPLE!!! from Soylent Green

The Plot: It's the year 2022...People are still the same. They'll do anything to get what they need. And they need SOYLENT GREEN. Why? Because there's little to no resources. Simple things such as meat, fruit, and vegetables are a rarity. The most prominent food sources are rationed out, and everyone's favorite is Soylent Green. But the tiny rationed wafer hides a dark secret.

The Twist: I'll just get this one outta the way. *Ahem*...SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! YOU ARE EATING...FREAKING...PEOPLE!!

#8: IT WAS EARTH from Planet of the Apes

The remake may have the worst twist ending of all time, but the original still holds it's place among the best.

The Plot: A guy crash lands in a strange planet where apes are the dominant species and rule over humans.

The Twist: I'll get this one outta the way too: IT WAS EARTH ALL ALONG! Our hero, who has been searching for a way back to his home planet has now realized that he was there all along. Unlike the poor execution of the remake, the simple shot of the Statue of Liberty half buried just complete blew your mind. In fact, it's so famous that it's on the cover now!

#7: "Wrath" and "Envy" from Se7en


Number 7 is the movie Se7en. Who knew?

The Plot: There's a new serial killer out on the loose, but he's unlike any other out there. The killer, John Doe, kills his victims based off of the specific seven deadly sins they've committed. An example: For gluttony, an obese man is forced to eat and eat until his stomach swells up. It gets so big that a simple slap on the side makes it burst, and he instantly dies. It's pretty grisly, but the movie never shows ANY violence. It only shows the aftermaths of the acts, letting you play detective with our main characters Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. It's up to the two of them to solve the puzzle and stop the murderer before he "completes his masterpiece".

The Twist: In most movies, the main characters find the killer themselves. Not so in Se7en! Bringing unpredictability to the extreme, John Doe, our villain, turns himself in, blood all over his hands, and ingeniously played by Kevin Spacey. He says that he will lead them to the last two bodies, but it's definitely not what you think.

When they finally reach the area, there are no bodies, but a delivery truck comes in to give them a package. What's inside? HOLY $#!+ IT'S A HEAD! Not just a head though. But the head of Brad Pitt's wife. DOUBLE HOLY $#!+. Why? Well, John Doe, being the lunatic that he is, is "envious" of Brad Pitt's normal happy life, so he killed his wife, and took her head. So now, John Doe is going to be the dead body counting for "envy" while Brad Pitt is gonna be so angry that he will shoot him with "wrath". Not only is this absolutely shocking, but thanks to Brad's acting, it's heart wrenching. There's not a single thing they can add that could make this even more heart wrenching--wait what? She was pregnant and didn't tell him! SON OF A--

#6: "Why Do People Think I'm You?" from Fight Club


Those of you who have paid attention to my profile and some of the signatures I made should know that Fight Club is probably my favorite movie of all time. Oh, and it's directed by the same guy who made Se7en...Wow, 2 David Fincher movies in a row.

The Plot: The narrator (Who is unnamed for twist purposes) is unhappy with his white collar job and his insomniac life. That all changes when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad, 2 Brad Pitt movies in a row). Together, they form Fight Club, which is a way for men to release their inner primal rage by boxing it out in an underground arena. But soon, Fight Club "moves out of the basement" when it becomes a terrorist organization called Project Mayhem, which specializes in vandalism, hilarious mischief advertising (Remember To Recycle Your Pets bumper stickers), explosives manufacturing, and more. Oh yeah, and if the police try to find Project Mayhem, SURPRISE, even the police are part of Project Mayhem. Tyler's influence becomes extremely powerful and a force to be reckoned with, and it's up to our narrator to put a stop to this and confront his once best friend.

The Twist: While trying to investigate all of the places Tyler traveled to, he realizes that Tyler has been forming many Fight Clubs all across the country. So far, each place feels the same, until one of the bartenders addresses him as "Mr. Durden". Why would people think that our narrator is Tyler? Soon, he finds out that he is Tyler Durden. How? The multiple personality disorder twist. But wait, I thought you hated that twist, Enigma! I don't hate it as long as it's done properly, and Fight Club does it beyond properly. Not only did they manage to make it all plausible, the foreshadowing for the twist is some of the best since The Sixth Sense ranging from small hints like, "Hey! We have the same briefcase!" to bigger clues like, "Besides their humping, Tyler and Marla are NEVER in the same room together". And it all pulls it off without letting it be obvious. Simply put, it was all in the execution, and boy did it deliver. In Tyler We Trust!

#5: Vengeance At It's Most Extreme from Oldboy


Probably one of the biggest mindf*cks in movie history, Korean film Oldboy is not for those who want a normal experience and a happy ending. This ENTIRE MOVIE is for those who want the most twisted of the f***ed up!

The Plot: A man is imprisoned in a hotel for 15 YEARS!!! No joking here. He is literally held captive in the room for 15 years for no apparent reason. Oh and not only that, he's also framed for the murder of his own wife while he's away, and his daughter is forced to live with another family. He all knows this through the TV during his imprisonment, who, as he describes "becomes your only friend", especially when you're trapped in a room for 15 frakking years and you are unable to see a single human face to face. Well...that is until his 15 years are up, and he wakes up on the roof inside a suitcase. Now he has only one thing on his mind: Vengeance. So his quest for vengeance begins for the man who imprisoned him, and took away his life.

The Twist: Along the way, he gains help from a restaurant waitress who he soon falls in love with. This, of course, reasonably leads to sex. However, when he finally reaches the man who imprisoned him, it turns out that the whole falling in love and having sex with the waitress thing was all part of the villain's diabolical plan. As it turns out, our hero has been hypnotized while being held captive in the hotel room. But what was he hypnotized to do? Why he was hypnotized to go to the restaraunt, fall in love with the waitress and have sex with her. But why? Because the waitress is actually our hero's DAUGHTER!!!!! This moment leads up to your pants crapping and yelling aloud: "OH SH*T! YOU ***!"

The Second Twist...Wait What?: After our hero finally has his vengeance, he finds the same hypnotist to hypnotize him again so he can continue being in love and having sex with his daughter without knowing at all. What can you say? When you're in love you're in love. And nothing will stop that, even if your lover is in fact your own love child.

#4: OMG Keyser Söze!! from The Usual Suspects

I'm gonna get hate for not putting this more up on the list, but compared to the other twists I'm gonna put up, it doesn't compare. Still, being in the top 5 is an honor so STFU and stop your moaning.

The Plot: Following a truck hijack in New York, five conmen are arrested and brought together for questioning. As none of them is guilty, they plan a revenge operation against the police. The operation goes well, but then the influence of a legendary mastermind criminal called Keyser Söze is felt. It becomes clear that each one of them has wronged Söze at some point and must pay back now. The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?

The Twist: KEYSER SOZE IS KEVIN SPACEY!!! We all thought he was innocent, but then he starts to walk out of the police department without a limp (He was believed to be crippled) and he made up the whole story right on the spot. He even made up names using the names of things and objects all over the room! And the police find this out MINUTES after they released him and like that POOF!!!...he's gone! You crafty crafty ***.

#3: I See Dead People from The Sixth Sense/The Others

Both of these twists are very similar, but are executed very differently. Either way, they're both pretty awesome.

The Plots: In The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment can see dead people, so he goes to none other than John McClane Bruce Willis for help (I always get the two mixed up!). In The Others, Nicole Kidman and her family (Involving two solarphobic children) move into a foggy new mansion. The kids start seeing dead people much like Haley could.

The Twist: OOOMAIGAWD! BRUCE WILLIS IS ACTUALLY DEAD! Yup, it was awesome the first time, and still is. The Others also kinda copied it but also added it's own way of saying too. As it turns out, Nicole Kidman AND her children are ghosts, and they've been "accidentally" haunting someone else's family. While The Others was good and all, the winner for this tie-breaker goes of course to The Sixth Sense because it was waaay more unsuspecting, waaay more groundbreaking, and contains some of the best foreshadowing out of any twist out there.

#2: I AM YOUR FATHER!!! from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

No best movie twists list is complete without probably the most famous twist of all time!

The Plot: Luke must fulfill his destiny and defeat Daddy Darth Vader. You all know the rest.

The Twist: The most famous lines in movie history. Probably the most famous twist of all time. And of course, the most parodied too, it also shocked a s***load of people, and with good reason. It turns out that Darth Vader is the father of Luke Skywalker. As James Earl Jones uttered the fatal words, it was instantly cemented as probably the most famous twist ending of all time.

Well, with lots of great twists, it will be extremely surprising to find out what the number one spot has in store. But what could it be? Especially with such a great twist on #2. The answer may surprise you....


Just...Twilight Zone. The whole series. Srsly. What the @#$%?

Probably one of the best TV shows of all time, and no doubt the most creative, The Twilight Zone always messed with your head. However, almost every single episode offered a new mind-raping twist that you NEVER expect. You know how that guy bet that he can keep silent for a full year, but it turned out that the man who made the bet didn't think he'd actually win and didn't actually have 500,000 dollars? Yeah, the guy knew that he'd never win, so he severed his vocal cords, but now, he won't even actually get his money. You know how William Shatner kept on seeing a gremlin on the plane trying to tamper with it? People still debate as to if it was actually there or not. You know how that old geezer always wanted time off to read all of his books in the library? Well he finally gets what he wants when an explosion leaves everyone dead and he can now read at peace...that is until his glasses break. The twists are deceptively simple, but amazingly executed at the same time, that you can't help but be mindf*cked every episode. It's one thing to have one episode with an amazing twist, but when almost all of them have great, great twists, you are officially the #1 best mind-rapist of all time!

That's it for now. If you have a good idea for a top 10 list, gimme a PM on it. And if you have any honorable mentions or disagree with the above, post a comment. This has been Enigma...and god **BRAAAHHHH** my brain is hurting!