Remakes. Ah yes, I've had it with these motherf***in' remakes on my motherf***in' theaters. Not all remakes are bad, of course, though. Not everyone knows that John Carpenter's classic 'The Thing' is actually a remake of a 1954 movie. 'The Ring' remake was good and all. Wasn't as good as the original Japanese, but at least it did some justice to the original movie. However, ever since 'The Ring' became a success, studios realized that they didn't apparently need to come up with original ideas for movies, and just remake old ones and/or foreign ones that are even scarier than anything America could've ever dreamed of.

What made me wanna do a blog on this was the news of 'Cloverfield' director Matt Reeves remaking the absolutely amazing Swedish film 'Let The Right One In'. Why is this bad? It's not bad, or illegal, or anything, and it's not gonna ruin the original, of course. It's just........unnecessary, as with every other remake. Let me put it this way: We don't need remakes unless the remake adds or improves on the original, which barely any do. 'Let The Right One In' was just fine as a Swedish film with an adorable love story mixed with some good ole vampire scares and blood (Definitely infinity times better than anything Twilight can achieve. Yeck). Imagine what would happen if Pan's Labyrinth was remade? It was a perfect movie. And I mean that in every possible way IMO. Why remake it? It's not like there's anything to add on, or improve on. Nothing needs to be changed. It's fine the way it is. Remakes should only be made when the director and/or writer has a profound affection for the original. NOT because they are just out of ideas.

And now before we leave, a list of the worst of the worst:

One Missed Call (Remake of Japanese version)

Mirrors (Hilariously entertaining but terrible remake of Korean 'Geoul Sokeuro)

Shutter (Remake of Japanese)

Any horror remake produced by Michael Bay (Remakes of old 70s and 80s slashers)