I just got my mag today, so I was awaiting to see what the redesign was gonna be like. Am I with the people saying it was awesome, or I one of the people who thinks that it flat-out sucks?

After spending some time with the new mag, I have to say......I wasn't all that impressed. It isn't terrible, mind you, but it looks like the just took the same design from all the other game magazines, and I'm just not with that.

What I loved about the old GI, was how easy it was to navigate, the appearance with a personality, the old forums (Oh God, If I could go back in time.......) and the excellent news reportings in the industry. Also: It was really different from alot of the other magazines, and most of them are actually quite similar. But with this new redesign, I felt like they were jumping in the bandwagon, especially with the reviews section. Everything just feels all jumbled up together messily, and I'm just not a fan with the green color-scheme (The smexy sleek black and red one was better). Also, sections such as the Game Over Trivia section on the end and the GI Community section in the Dear GI section, were scrapped away. It didn't feel user/reader-friendly at all, the look was bland, and it all felt all jumbled up.

Just because I don't like the redesign all that much, I still love you guys for being an extremely reliable source of gaming news, and your reviews are also quite good too. I especially loved your cover story on Epic Mickey, which looks....well........EPIC! Since this is your first time with the redesign, maybe some of these problems will be fixed, but all in all, I'm not all that much of a fan of the new redesign.

Well that's all for now. I might get used to the new design through time...or not.