Alot of people in these new forums, I have seen, have been wondering how to get mod power. Although, it may seem cool being a mod at first glance, you do not know the whole story behind what the current mods had to do in order to get their special privileges.

From what I heard from some people is that you need to perform a ritual in order to become one.

It involves stuff along the lines of sacrificing kittens, selling your soul to Satan, beating Gandhi to death with a Bible, lighting petting zoos on fire, freezing your own genitalia, watching Spider-Man 3, stabbing a nun in the face with a number 2 pencil, taking a dump into a urinal, taking a dump in the garbage disposal, gluing a dog onto a ceiling after beating it into a coma, swallowing your own head, selling parts of your body for a wide variety of illegal substances, playing Fuzion Frenzy 2, eating babies for breakfast.......and lunch and dinner, pushing a pregnant teen out of a moving vehicle, growing a Nub 'stache using careful concentration (a powerful feat easier said than done), kicking a kangaroo in the nuts, and trying to solve the answers to life, the universe, and everything....without the help of Knuckles.

So be careful what you wish do not know what lies ahead...