"Those damn pigs."


"Those damn pigs." Grunted again the hooded man I was talking to. I inmediatly looked over my shoulder to see if anyone had heard his offense against the empire but everyone seemed immersed in  their own problems, a small quiet group near the door that seemed too young to be in such a place where the only ones who seemed to be paying attention to their surroundings but the annoying laughter from the people on a table nearby probably masked any conversation we had.

This guy made a quick signal to the bartender (barely moving his enormous coat) to which both our glasses were fulled again. I raised my drink to thank properly to whoever was gonna pay for my drinking that night but he only grunted again in what seemed to be a sign of approval. I quickly realized I was looking stupid like that so I just slided a bit closer to him and continued with my interview.

"And what exactly is your bussines with our empire?"

"Revenge." Responded the man without hesitation.

"Wow. It seems to me like you have a story to tell..."

"I don't."

"I'm sorry, is my constant asking bothering you?"

A pause, where he had a long drink.

"No." He said suddenly. "You can go on." He added.

"Ok..." I said as I thought of a way to continue the conversation. "How about you tell me a bit of where you come from now? How is your hometown?"

He put his glass down while he raised his face, like he was looking into a distant past, revealing what could be a really big and ugly nose. When he realized I could see his silhouette he hid his face again and answered the question. "It was raided by them. They took our most valuable thing"

"What... what was it?" I said as he finished his drink and stood up, turning around, towards the group near the door. His coat was droped on the floor revealing a figure I had seen many times on the wanted signs, but never in person. The soldiers who were drinking there recognized him as well and raised quickly trying to stop him, but he wasn't going anywhere. "They stole our eggs." Were the last words I heard as an incredibly high pitched beep deafened me and that infinitely bright light engulfed my body.