With the support of my internet buddies, I have finally decided to take my passion of writing and doing something with it. This is my first ever blog on GIO. For awhile now, I have wanted to blog. It just never seemed to be the right time. Now, it seems, it is. The main question is what on Earth would be a good start? What would be a good beginning? I have racked my cerebellum over this for the past few days. No answer seemed to arise. That is, until now.

     See everyone here shares a common bond. Namely gaming(duhh). So of course my topic is about gaming. As I have stated this is my first blog. Its my beginning. 'Tis fitting that this blog should be dedicated to my beginning of gaming. Like any normal person that plays video games, I picked up a controller and played a game. However my reaction to it is rather unique and just a smidgen emberasing. In a way, I find it surprising that I even enjoy games after this traumatizing event.

     I was born into a gaming family. Well only on my old man's side. Being a daddy's girl i picked up almost every hobby that he has. When I was a wee little girl of the tender age of six, I believed that I have been gaming for years. If my father was on the old cranky PC then I was right next to him pounding on a controller. Life was swell. Then I learned from my dad that I wasn't actually playing the game. My Pops was. The controller that I was using wasn't plugged in. Instead of getting mad at him for the deceit, I took it as a challenge. There had to be a reason as to why he wasn't letting me play a game. So I set myself to actually play one.

   After telling my Pops my plan, I could tell that he was proud of me. His cute little girl was growing up. He gave me his blessing and accompanied me to the man cave where the games where. I was allowed to play on the medieval computer. It was as old a sin. To me, it looked marvelous. Now the fun part, choosing a game. My process of finding the perfect game was very simple. Best looking cover with words that I can read wins. It took me all but a minute to find the perfect game.

   Unlike the other covers featuring big gruff men, star ships, or any other mechanical contraption, this one had a woman on the cover. She wasn't a side character or a damsel in distress. No, she was a kick butt female with a pair of pistols and a rather stylish braid. She looked like the type of person that could kick the living stuffing out of anyone. The double D's gun toting female heroine on the cover was Lara Croft. Instantly I knew that I had to play Tomb Raider 3: The Adventures of Lara  Croft.

                                 Pretty cool cover, eh? Nice mix of awesome, guns, and double D's.

  With squeals of joy I happily started the game. Being the intelligent kid I was, I first played the tutorial. The tutorial comes in the form of Lara's Mansion. Its an optional part of the game found in the menu. After minutes of training, I got the basic handle on how to jump, crawl, and shimmy my way around Lara's home. The main part that I remember about the tutorial is Lara's butler or as I called him," The constipated old fart." If you look up the word,"Ancient," then you would find a picture of Lara's wizened butler. Looking a few years older than 100 this stooped butler only wanted to serve Lara a cup of Earl Grey. He would stalk me all over Lara's mansion trying to serve me a cup of tea. Being a tea hater, I ran away from him. All the while he would be following me and making these odd sad moaning and groaning noises. Poor man... To be honest, I found his strange noises funny. After playing a few rounds of Hide and Go Seek, I grew tired of always being found by him. It was time to play the real game.

   Choosing the new game option in the main menu, I was promptly wisked away into a beautiful world. My mind oogled and googled at the 3d enviroment. Every thing was going so perfect. Jump over this ditch? Check. Don't drown? Check. Get pulverized by a steel trap? Well maybe.... I was enjoying myself so much. That is until I came across my first enemy. My nemesis. Now this is the part where the title actually makes sense. This is also the part where this story takes a drastic turn from awesome to a nightmare...

   My nemesis came in the form of something very adorable. It was a proud creature and carried itself in a graceful manner. I swear all I wanted to do is pet it. All "it" wanted to do was something entirely different. It was a tiger and I was in for the scare of my life.. Happily bounding over to it as Lara, I didn't have my guns out. Why would I? My six year old noggin automatically put any kitty cat as friendly and cute. News flash younger me: The Adventures of Lara Croft is not Kinectimals!  My nemesis reacted to my presence as you would image. With a mighty roar, that shook me to the core, he pounced up me. The split second before he was upon me, I saw a most curious thing. At least I think I did. I though that my foe smiled. Not a cute smile, but a broad cruel one. It seemed to say," Here comes my meal and what a treat this clueless explorer shall be." In actuality the adversary didn't smile. However in my six year old mind it did.

The tigers smile reminded me of Cheshire Cat's smile. Equal parts creepy and disturbing..      

     My happiness quickly turned to dread as it effectively started killing Lara. Fear gripped me in its cold claws. All of my training went out the drain. Never mind pulling out my gun and shooting the abominable creature. I couldn't even figure out how to run away!! All I could manage to do was turn in circles. Again and again he wounded Lara. In anguish, I saw my red health bar get smaller and smaller. The stress of the encounter got the better of me. Finally with a sliver of health left, I could not handle it anymore. If Lara could not run away, at least I could. With all of the strength I could muster, I slammed down the controller! I ran out of the man cave screaming! This was not a cute scream. No, this was a scream that sounded like Queen of Blades, Pyramid Head, and chainsaw dude with a bag over his head all decided to pay you a visit. In other words, the most ear piercing scream I could wail. My dad seeing the whole encounter with my foe actually started to laugh. How could he possibly find this funny?!? It was absolutely flipping terrifying!! It took me almost a full minute to stop screaming. It took my dad almost ten minutes to stop laughing. Then after my "dear sweet" father told my mom about my incident, she started laughing.....

  Happily with many years of therapy I got over my first gaming experience. Nah, just kidding. It only took about three months. I have come a long way from the scared little six year old kid to who I am not. Who am I, you ask? I'm a gamer just like you. Over the years I have saved the galaxy a few times, cried over the death of my allies, laughed at the face of death, and have died more times than I can count. Gaming is my passion. It is my love. Forever and ever I will come back for more adventures.

 Thanks for reading this. If you want, tell me your first gaming adventure. Any feedback/comments is very much appreciated. I know end this on a cute note


 Random kitty picture. Yay!! Now I need to give my cat a bear hug.