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Off Topic: I Wonder...

Breaking from the traditional intellectualism (or alleged intellectualism) of my normal posts, I was compelled to share a list of things that keep me up at night.

I wonder why:
"Where's Waldo?" caught on. Don't we generally look for things we lose? What is the point of paying money for a book full of the same man someone else continues to lose on the very next page after you do all that work to find him. That is why I sent the book I was given one Christmas back to the author with a note that read:

"Mr. Handford,
Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. You lost Waldo,
you f*cking find his a$$ for a change.

Shawn 'next time, buy a leash' Gordon

I wonder why:
Handbags are called handbags. Other bags with a prefix hold what that prefix is, for example a trash bag; it holds trash and it's designed to hold trash. The handbag however, contains no hands, and is not designed to. It's also expensive. So, I think the next time my wife wants to spend $300 on a Kathy handbag, it better have a hand in it.

I wonder why:
Parents encourage imaginative and creative behavior until their children are around 15, and then if they continue this lifelong behavior past 15 the children suddenly have ADD?

I wonder why:
If God is everywhere, it's "wrong" to go into a porn theater, too? 

I wonder:

If everyone poops, does the Pope take Holy Sh*ts?

I wonder why:
Guys are afraid of buying tampons? I mean, it's pretty obvious that we're not buying them for ourselves.

I wonder why:
Phonetic isn't spelled phonetically and palindrome isn't spelled the same forwards or backwards?

I wonder why:
Kamikaze pilots bothered with helmets and a seatbelt?

I wonder why:
Self-Help comes in groups and you hear about it through other people?

I wonder why:
There's not another word for synonym?

I wonder if:
Antonym is its own antonym.

I wonder why:
It's okay to point at your wrist to inquire about the time, but rude to point at your crotch if you want to inquire about a bathroom?