Hello fellow humans and transhumans. You may recognize me from the critically acclaimed video-game, Deux Ex: Human Revolution. My name is Adam Jensen.

Recently there's been a complaint that I'm a racist or have in some way engaged in behaviors that may be construed as racist. I'm here to assure you I'm not racist. In my game you can witness my many indiscriminate acts. My primary concern is objectivity and truth; my only acts of extreme prejudice are against an obstructed path.

I did not ask for my "gifts" or the present situation, but I am not upset by them. In fact, I had little choice but to embrace my situation and move forward. When my "accident" happened I knew that my previously "normal" life would become my distant past. Naive is the one who believes they would be beaten to death and reconstructed against their will, only to have the the complex gravity of social direction embedded in an epistemological / nihilistic narrative wherein any outcome is very grey, perspective based "evil" and expect "normal" to factor back in to their daily life. It would be a lie to say there is part of me that does not miss what was, but the linearity of time offers no respite for those who linger in the past and cling to the false hope of return.

In context to my travels and various interactions, obtaining the label "racist" was the very least of my immediate concerns, yet at the forefront as well. Though I'm no longer human in a strictly physical sense, mine is a story of a struggle for racial identity, hanging on by a thread to remain a part of the human race. On the outside I may look like a slightly above average "white" guy, but underneath this military grade weaponry, endoscopic armor, optic enhancers, re-breather, and built-in sunglasses, I'm just a guy looking for the truth and my humanity. I retained my sense of morals and justice, and often relied upon them to choose my actions for myself. 

We, augmented and natural alike, are all the same race: human, and all else is categorically a sub-race with no value. People will forever have their flaws despite physical changes and evolutionary progression; the mind can be shaped, swayed and altered, but our soul is what makes us "human" - it is what we do with who we are that determines how we progress.

That's why I'm speaking out to you now - for truth.

I believe the world deserves to know the truth. I believe that with an objective viewpoint, truth can better prepare the world to make a choice about direction on their own without conflated propaganda and divisive agendas that benefit corporations or individuals only. I've had to struggle to get to the bottom of things and could write books about my trials and tribulations, but my experiences are my own, seen from a singular perspective, and though my decisions about how to act upon my discoveries amount to little more than projections in context to others around me it does not alter the moral imperative to provide the world with the freedom of choice through acquisition of knowledge and dissemination of objective information. I could have chosen the easy route and let Sarif lie, let Taggart lie, or killed myself in an explosion to bury the world in ignorance, but what remains parallels laziness and cowardice. The difficulty in bearing the truth does not justify a lie, the difficulty in acting upon truth does not justify inaction, the difficulty in pioneering doesn't justify following a predetermined order, and to remain silent about a lie serves to propagate the same lie oneself. My belief in these philosophies gave cause for me to make difficult choices that would have deep rippling effect, and I choose truth and integrity in spite of the challenges set before me.

It would be easy for me to deflect the accusations made against me and refer to my treatment in Hengsha and the innumerable times I was called a "gwilo". For the record, "Gwilo" is a racial slur for "white person" and I was referred to as "gwilo" more often and for a longer period than the total speaking part of Letitia back in Detroit.

In contrast, it appears the point made was too subtle for my accusers: Racism isn't part of American society in the near future. Although divisive and prejudicial behaviors still exist in 2027, their existence is on a much less superficial basis and waning implicitly. The riot which broke out in Detroit against augmented citizens was spurred by fear and hate, not unlike many of the racial tensions between ethnic groups during your 1960's, and similarly facilitated by the propaganda of a few individuals to propel personal and political agenda. 

Like augmentation, skin color is not an inherent behavioral causality; epidermal pigmentation is innocuous in context to behavior, rather people do not act of themselves because of skin tone - people may re-act in a particular way because of them but that evidences the qualities lacking in those who do. More to the point, Letitia spoke as she did, not because of her ethnicity but because she's obviously uneducated, presumably homeless, and an established drunk. It was clear she was a "CI," or confidential informant with whom I dealt extensively during my tenure the police force. None of her behaviors are specific to an ethnicity or sub-race and I admit a bit of confusion as to why anyone would make such an association unless it was their self-image on public display that caused discomfort. Perhaps I've been accused of being racist because of my own skin color?

I would lighten the mood by stating "I'm not racist, I'm Black from the waist down" if it weren't also true.

Before I continue, let's examine the definition of racism. Racism is, "the belief  that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."

So as some of you in the public point your bent fingers toward my direction, clamoring for "justice" and making hollow accusations of "racism," question whether the portrayal of Letitia was a play at labeling ethnic people a certain way but also question whether the behavioral characteristics are confined to a single ethnic group. It is entirely possible for people of the same ethnicity to have opposite spectrum behaviors and  people of different ethnic backgrounds to share common behavioral characteristics. For example, another former associate named Jenny Alexander was an undercover police officer dressed as a prostitute to lure criminals. She was also an ethnic woman that shared my passion for justice and truth. If we suppose that the portrayal of Letitia exampled all members of the same ethnicity negatively, why does Jenny not equally portray them positively? I can only assume the motive of my accusers, but there lies a deep suspicion that they choose to see only what they wanted.

Many people calling me racist, do so under the false pretense of being underground social civic leaders and instigators of change; they claim their cause is just and their fight a moral one - that no person be treated unfairly. I would implore that these same people consider what a leader does and how a leader behaves. Does a leader respond or react, and in that, have these self-proclaimed leaders responded or reacted to something they do not understand? I say they have reacted and in poor taste without first thinking beyond their own prejudices and in turn ask if their actions evidence the message of their words.

My name is Adam Jensen and I thank you for your time.