Admittedly, we ran into a slew of technical issues all around the group - but they really ended up being things that were beyond the control of anyone. We're going to chalk it up as divine intervention or manifest destiny...



A Google Of Trouble – Kevin Maskornick (

Gamers Are Too Defensive – Jeffery Michael Grubb (


How to Win @ Fail: Rockstar joins the ranks of EA with driving their workers into the ground while Jeff Brown, the EA jaw jocky attempts to discredit Mitch Lasky on his claim that EA isn’t going to just waltz into the digital realm with their current methodologies (HINT: He's probably right in that EA is its own Waterloo) .

Cry Me A River: Dylan Cuthbert expresses his disappointment towards what he considers ‘cheap gamers’ and we try to put into context perception of worth.

Back To The Future: What do the American Civil War and 3D imaging technologies have in common? They were born at about the same time – Will the industry push to get this ‘new’ enhancement into consumer homes be waged similarly like The Battle of Chickamauga, Sherman’s March to the Sea, or the Battle of Antietam? We don’t know, but it’ll end up costing more than it should.


Do game delays help or hurt and who do they help or hurt?

Netflix on the Wii..."arming the other 11"


Sodium One and IREM spaces on PSN @ Home

Fairchild VI – Episode 3 (download)

And as always... we've played 'conformist' and can be found on iTunes