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Rolling Up The Stairs: Challenge 51 in God Hand, Double God Hand Gene.

I've had three Rolling Up the Stairs entries, and two have been for an obscure PS2 beat em up. At this rate I'll have to rename it the God Blog (God powah keeps mah blog hand strong). This should be the last RUtS for God Hand for awhile though, after/while I finish Hard Mode I'll start a game with plenty of memorable levels and bosses that most, if not all of my readers have played (for those who don't know, Rolling Up the Stairs is a blog series about challenging/memorable levels, enemies, bosses/etc. I've done Challenge 50 in God Hand and The End in MGS3. Note. That's The End, not the end.), not that that's very many people.

God Hand is an infamously hard game. It's got 50 challenges unlocked right from the start of a New Game+ or towards the end of a fresh run, everything from "beat 30 enemies" to each of the bosses on the highest difficulty. It takes a great deal of blood, sweat, tears, and determination to beat them all. If you do, then you unlock the ultimate test of God Hand skill; Double God Hand Gene.

Gene is your character that you play as in God Hand. Right before fighting the final boss, he gets the second God Hand and becomes far more powerful. When fighting as him, you can dispatch demons, some of the strongest enemies in the game, with ease.

When fighting against him, your most powerful attack, Shaolin Blast, will seem like a waste. Aside from the final boss, it can take away at least a third of any bosses health. It takes about 15% of DGHG's health. But he's not just a damage sponge, he attacks with incredible speed and dodges almost as quickly.

Don't even get me started on when he activates his God Hands. For a short period of time, he can punch even faster, do more damage, and dodge near flawlessly. It's possible to fight him while his God Hands are active, but only someone who is really good at God Hand or an overconfident fool would try that. I just happen to be both.

He also has his own special moves, that can be a curse or a blessing for you. At first they'll definitely be the bane of your existence, but you'll have to find ways to turn them against him.

In my journey to win, I made three different strategies. I mastered techniques I had never used before this battle, and thought of a couple new ones. I used every move in my moveset, and even changed them a couple times.

He crushed be countless times, but each time I got better. I incorporated new ideas into my strategy, until I had a reaction planned for anything he could do. The half or more of your health bar emptying special attacks he used became my best asset. If he did the Bicycle-Kick style move that could empty anywhere from 10% to 70% of your health depending on how good you were, I'd backflip away and use a charged attack.

I dodged constantly and effectively, waiting for an opening. When I saw one, I'd attack with unrelenting force, slowly but surely chipping away at his health bar. I dodge cancelled and maneuvered in such a way that my attacks always pushed him back to the wall, so if I made him dizzy I could kick him against it then kick him again before he hit the ground, repeating for some time.

Double God Hand Gene is the single hardest boss I've ever fought, and I've played many games. There was plenty of disappointment in my defeats, but the satisfaction of finally beating him outweighed it tenfold.

Whoever guesses the next game correctly gets a prize. You only get one guess though *glances at Cube.*

While writing this, I listened to

We Will Prevail, fitting song for a ridiculously hard boss.

My theme song.

This one just sounds good.