No matter what peaks your interest the beauty of the internet is that somewhere out there is an online community that shares your enthusiasm. It takes no more than a quick search and a few clicks of the mouse to discover the sea of information, news, and forums. Among other things - like most of you - I love video games, and GameInformer is my community of choice. I listen to the IGN podcasts, I follow sites like Eurogamer and Destructoid on twitter, and I'll read reviews from all over, but this place is my go to.


I haven't been a GI for long. My decision to go to the website was a subtle epiphany. Having never read any of the issues before and having never been on the website, I was hungry for Skyrim information and arbitrarily typed GameInformer into the Google search bar. After looking through a few articles I saw "Special Edition Game Informer Show: Interview with Todd Howard", and that was that. I obviously listened to enthralling podcast while on the edge of my seat awaiting each and ever little detail (I'm pretty excited about this game). I then began listening to old episodes of the podcast, going back to the site everyday for current news, and soon discovered episodes of "Replay" and "Reiner and Phil".


The dedicated coverage to the world of video games and the distinct personalities of the staff is what got me hooked on GameInformer. Soon I was buying the beautiful magazines, and beginning to inch my way into the community. The GI's are the best thing about this site. It's one of the few places on the internet where, for the most part, I feel like I can voice an opinion without my comment getting buried in the ignorant ramblings of a flame war. Now that I'm level 5 these blog posts get posted on the user blog page and I get anxious to hear people's thoughts on my thoughts.


I love to read about games, I love to write about games, I love to talk about games, and I love to play video games. Being a gamer isn't what defines me. When people ask about me I don't start listing my favorite games or how many achievement points I have, but I would be happy to tell them if they asked. On this site the identity of "gamer" is our common denominator. It's the one commonality that we know we have to break the ice, and can then use as the foundation for a relationship.


This is my love letter to GamInformer. I hope that if this post struck a cord with you you'll send me a friend request or strike up a conversation (at the least leave me a comment; I respond to most of them). Thank you GameInformer and everyone who makes it what I now know and love. To end this I'm going to list some of my favorite memories on this site.


1.     Ben Hanson's documentary on the first world record stream - Mr. Hanson that was such an amazing video and I very much look forward to the next one. Bravo Sir!

2.     The Overblood Super Replay - I watched every minute and I don't think I need to explain why I loved it. PIPOOOOOOOO!!!!

3.     The Todd Howard Interview on the GIS - This is what started it all for me, and it was a really good episode.

4.     Ben Reeves - Any time Ben Reeves speaks it cracks me up. His latest appearance on the Galerians Super Replay was especially random. Street Comedy!

5.     Saint's Member Herding - One of the best ideas ever. It's awesome getting to know a little more about the people whose blogs I read week in and week out.


Also all the user blogs, the editor blogs, all the monthly video game coverage and every episode of the Game Informer Show, Replay, Spoiled, and Reiner and Phil. Thank you all.