Top 20 (Insert Name) Blogs is a new blog series in which I show 20 of my favorite blogs by 3 members and 2 moderators in Game Informer; DJH, Stranger, Jolt the Cynic, Hannibal, and Saint. The first member to be featured is DJH. I will show my favorite Top 25 blogs created by him.

My Top 25 Vacation Spots In Games

DJH describes his 25 favorite vacation spots in video games in this blog. I enjoyed reading it a lot due to the fact that he describes the selected locations excellently. 

My Top 25 Main Characters

DJH shows his top 25 favorite main characters in this post. The reason why this blog appears on this list is because of the choices and the way he explains why each on is on the list as well.

My Top 25 Companions

Companions are awesome additions to video games. They help, they sometimes entertain, and make missions that are difficult to finish, easier. That is why this blog deserves to be on this list. DJH shows his 25 favorite companions in video games.

My Top 25 Movies

I love movies. They are extremely fun to watch when they are well-made, and though I love video games, I believe movies are the best form of entertainment today. In this blog, DJH displays 25 of his favorite films and why each one is great.

My Top 25 Vehicles In Games

Vehicles are a helpful form of transportation both in real life and in games. I am always relieved when I find a ride-able car/bike/motorcycle in video games as they help me reach my objectives faster. In this humorous blog, DJH shows his 25 favorite vehicles in games.

My Top 25 Bosses

Boss fights are awesome in my opinion. I always look forward to a boss fight when playing a game. In this post you may find DJH's favorite bosses in video games.

My Top 25 Weapons In Games

Weapons are important things when playing a game that involves enemies; they defeat them. In this hilarious blog post by DJH, you can see his 25 favorite weapons in video games.

My Top 25 Common Enemies

Enemies can be annoying. Enemies can be funny. Enemies can be cool. In this blog you may find DJH's 25 favorite common enemies in games.

My Top Twenty-FIVE Games In Each Genre

There are many genres of video games. Here you can find DJH's 25 favorite games in each game genre.

My Top 25 Actors/Actresses

To make films, you need actors. As the title says it, you may find DJH's 25 favorite actors and actresses in T.V. shows and movies in this post.

31/31 Day 4: Top 25 VG Trailers

I love video game trailers. They are always fun to watch, and sort of provide information as to how the game looks. In this well-written blog you can see DJH's 25 video game trailers.

31/31 Day 6: My Favorite Pokemon

In this blog post you may see DJH's favorite Pokemon. I agreed with most of his selections, and I liked the fact that he included his Pokemon dream team.

31/31 Day 11: My Top 25 Hated Characters

Sometimes there are unlikable characters in video games. The reason why you might not like a particular character is because they did something you did not like, or they are annoying, or they are mean. In this blog, you can find DJH's 25 hated characters.

31/31 Day 18: My Top 25 Game Soundtracks

I like video game soundtracks, a lot. I find myself extremely entertained when listening to a specific video game soundtrack. In this excellent post, you may find DJH's 25 favorite video game soundtracks.

31/31 Day 25: My Top 25 Moments In Games

I have many moments in games. The first time I fought a dragon, the first time I played as an autobot, the first time I successfully captured a flag, and many more. In this blog, DJH describes his top 25 moments in games.

My Top 25 Achievements/Trophies

I personally love achievements. I like collecting them, a lot. Here, DJH shows his 25 favorite video game achievements and trophies.

My Top 100 Games (Part One)

This is the first of four parts of DJH's 100 favorite games.

My Top 100 Games (Part Two)

This is the second of four parts of DJH's 100 favorite games.

My Top 100 Games (Part Three)

This is the third of four parts of DJH's 100 favorite games.

My Top 100 Games (Part Four)

This is the final part of DJH's 100 favorite games.

So, that's about it. Thanks for reading.