The tall woman stood at the tip of the mountain looking intently at her surroundings. She could see a small rabbit and a medium sized fox running through the dirt path. The tall woman was waiting for a person, but she had the feeling he would not show up. As she turned around, she heard a distant sound; hooves beating against the ground. Perfect, he's coming. She turned around once again and unsheathed her bow. She was sure her quiver of arrows was full, so she gently reached for one. She aimed at the incoming horse, and she fired the first arrow. In a moment, the brown beast fell to the ground. The tall woman hated killing animals, but what other way to kill her target than to injure his method of transportation? Her target fell to the ground. He was screaming for help, but no one could hear him, at least that is what thought the tall woman.

She leaped to a nearby tree, still unseen, and once again aimed her bow to the target's head. He was still screaming, but he would soon die unless he was treated by a professional. She sho at the steel arrow, and down came the man. The tall woman carefully climbed down the tree, and when she was standing on the dirt path, she started walking towards the target's body. She saw that the arrow had hit directly in the middle of his head, and she was proud of her work. She bent down to remove the arrow from his forehead, and as she began to pull on it, she began to think about her life. Killing was all she knew. Ever since she was 16 years old she had been following orders of the Dark Brotherhood. 

The tall woman picked up the arrow and walked towards the now-dead horse. She felt bad for it, but she did what she had to do. She turned to the opposite direction, and began walking. She was not too far from the sanctuary, so she planed to walk. A few minutes later, she reached her destination. She was always happy to see the door leading to the Sanctuary, and she thought she always will. She opened the door and entered the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. "Hey Ace" was the first thing she heard. She looked to her left and saw that it was Astrid who had said that. Ace walked up to her and asked Astrid the question she had repeated dozens and dozens of times before. "Have you got more contracts for me Astrid?"

"Yes, we do," responded Astrid. "Who are they?" asked Ace. "Who is it," corrected Astrid, "there is only one person this time." Strange, thought Ace. She had never assassinated only one person before. She was usually told the names and locations of three or two targets, but never one. "What is the name of the person I am supposed to kill?" "Ysolda," responded Astrid. Ace knew who she was. She had spoken to her many years ago. "She's as good as dead," said Ace. Ace never asks why they are targets, she just does what she is ordered to do. Ace did not have a horse, seeing as how she usually uses carriages, but the walk from the Sanctuary to  Whiterun was not very long. She exit the Sanctuary, and began walking to Whiterun.

A few hours later, she arrived to her destination. To Ace, Whiterun was a city like no other. It gave her a good feeling every time she entered the main gates. Most of the people there were nice, but others were a disgrace to the city. Ace looked for Ysolda. She thought she could find her in the market, but today, Ysolda was not there. Ace asked a nearby guard where Ysolda's house is, and he directed pointed to the right. Ace thanked him and ran to Ysolda's house. She knocked, but there was no answer. She must be sleeping, thought Ace. She looked for a lockpick in her bag, and luckily she found one. She made sure there were no guards near her and when she knew for certain, she began to pick the lock. 

A minute later, she was inside the house. Ace looked to her left and found the bedroom. It wasn't much of a house. Two rooms; both were extremely small. She found Ysolda resting in her bed. Ace unsheathed her dagger and aimed for Ysolda. She raised her dagger, but before it impacted with her body, Ace stopped. Tears came from her eyes. She couldn't do it. She left the bedroom and sat down in the main room.Ysolda awoke and found Ace sitting in one of her chairs. "What are you doing? Theif! Theif!" Ace stood. Before she could exit the house two guards entered the small home.

"By the order of the Jarl, stop right there," one said. Ace just stood there. Before she could be arrested, she fainted *thud* 

Ace awoke an hour later in a dark cell. She had not forgotten what had happened before. She looked at her cell and found that she was alone. Good, she thought. She looked for a sharp stick in every corner and after a few minutes of searching, she found one.' Thank you Talos,' she said to herself. She went to a small gate on the floor and unlocked it with the sharp stick. Once again, she thanked Talos. She jumped from the cell to the underground tunnel system and began walking. Ace now knew what she wanted to do with her life. She would not kill again, she thought. She took a right turn in the tunnel and then saw the sunlight. Ace was saved. 

So, that's about it. Thanks for reading.