Game Informer has many great bloggers. Many blogs are published each minute. I enjoy reading them and also commenting on them. I decided to write this blog today to show 10 great bloggers in Game Informer. Remember, this isn't a competitive blog. 

1. Saint

Saint is probably my favorite blogger in GIO. He created the Member Herding, the Staff Herding, Guess that Gamer, Blog Herding, and his blogs are always interesting to read. I have read dozens of his blogs, and all were excellent. A very great blogger indeed.

Favorite Blog by Saint: The Evolution Of The Video Game Gun...

2. blaze6106

blaze6106 is a featured blogger in GIO that has created 54 blog posts and counting. The reason why he is one this list is because of how great all his blogs that I have read are. Many of my favorite blog posts of GI were created by him. 

Favorite Blog by blaze6106: Why must you Drop me Again?

3. DJH


DJH is a blogger in Game Informer that has created 70+ blogs. He is known for his awesome Top 25 blogs, and also his first 31/31 series. I have read a couple of his Top 25 blogs, and also some of the blogs in his 31/31 blog series and they were all great. 

Favorite Blog by DJH: My Top 25 Main Characters

4. Hist

Hist is a featured blogger in GIO that has created dozens of blogs in this site and in Dave's Buttoned Up Mind. He is a talented writer, and he also wrote a great Sleeping Dogs blog about two nights ago. 

Favorite Blog by Hist: First Impressions - Sleeping Dogs - More than a GTA Clone

5. thegodofwine7

thegodofwine7 is a talented blogger in Game Informer known for his Top 10 blogs and his 5 part series of his Top 50 games. His blogs are always interesting to read, and I think they always will be.

Favorite Blog by thegodofwine7: Top 10 Impractical Robot Masters 

6. Jolt the Cynic 

Jolt the Cynic is a blogger in GIO that has created 80+ blogs, and he is also a cool GTA fan. He writes great GaMe blogs, and his Ten Question blogs are really great.

Favorite Blog by Jolt the Cynic: My Favorite Pocket Monsters

7. Doctor Apozem

Doctor Apozem is a featured blogger in Game Informer that has created 150 blogs and counting. He recently wrote a blog about tips of blogging, and thought that it was really great. His blogs are full of information, and they are great reads.

Favorite Blog by Doctor Apozem: Mass Effect 3 is Amazing

8. Kyle Wadsworth 

Kyle Wadsworth is a featured blogger in GIO that has written 100+ blogs. I have read a few of them, and all were great. He recently wrote an Elder Scrolls blog that was really great, and also a Metal Gear Solid one that was excellent. 

Favorite Blog by Kyle Wadsworth: The Elder Scrolls: Evolution 

9. Stranger

Stranger is a fellow GIO blogger who was created 80+ blogs. He writes great GaMe blogs, and also awesome reviews. I have read quite a few of his blogs and they were spectacular. A talented blogger and writer indeed.

Favorite Blog by Stranger: Time Stinks: The Games That Never End

10. born4this 

born4this is a feature blogger in Game Informer that has created more than 100 blogs and counting. He writes both humorous and serious blogs that are excellent. The first time I read a blog created by him I knew immediately that he was a great writer. 

Favorite Blog by born4this: My Mind Has Been Overtaken by Arkham City

So, that's about it. Thanks for reading and remember, there are really great bloggers out there.