About two weeks ago, I joined the Assassin's Creed Group.  Two or three days later I was proposed a job; to create a bi-weekly blog post every Wednesday. So, here it is. The bi-weekly blog post will explain what we have currently been doing in the group. And voila:

Assassin Profile Pages

This is a thread created by cybertronian assassin that displays the assassin profile pages that the members of the group create. How this works is simple; you add your code-name (must be an animal), you add your civilian name (fake identity), you add your age, you add your rank (ask cybertronian assassin for more information), you add your weapon(s) of choice, your secondary weapons, your colors (apparel), the country/region you work in, your base of operations, and your occupation. I recommend any person to check out this thread.

Assassin Recruitment Drive

The Assassin Recruitment Drive is a thread created by cybertronian assassin that focuses on creating ideas that can help draw more attention to the group. So far, a few ideas have been created:

"I'll post more stuff when I can" - Altair Ibn-La'Ahad

"...I will start finding people..." - Smertnav 

"I just put the word out to join the group on Twitter" - Mr.Exclusive 

And many more. It would help if some of you guys joined the group.

Assassin's Creed Movie

Assassin's Creed Movie is a thread created by cybertronian assassin that displays opinions on the new movie being developed based on the action-adventure video game series, Assassin's Creed. Many people have posted a comment displaying their opinions, and so far all are interesting. I recommend any Assassin's Creed Fan to check out this thread.

So, those are main three things we currently have been doing in the group. Many more threads have been created, but they have not gotten that many responses. And a final message: Please join the group.

So, that's about it. Thanks for reading.

Here is a link to the group: