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Is It Just Me? - #3

Is it just me, or do way too many people hate Pokemon?  The first videogame I ever played in my life was Pokemon: Red Version.  As I’ve stated in my bio, me and my cousin Anthony took our brand-spankin’ new Gameboy’s upstairs and booted them up.  After choosing our starters, we conquered the initial face-off with our rivals, only to win and turn the game off.  We didn’t realize there was an 80+ hour experience lying beyond that first battle.  And yet, when we finally did venture beyond Pallet Town, it was into a world that would become a part of our lives for years to come.


So, imagine my surprise when, as I grew older, I found groups of people who despised Pokemon – absolutely hated the franchise with all their might.  Their reasons for doing so were as varied as the people themselves.  Some people hated it because it was viewed as a “kids game” (an image which I maintain was established by the cartoon show, and not the game itself).  Others disliked it because it wasn’t hardcore enough.  And finally, there were those who hated it because other people liked it.  Yeah, gotta love the logic in that one.  Regardless of the reason, most of them were irrational and unfounded.

For those who think it’s a “kids game”, let me point something out.  The game can be boiled down to “People enslaving animals, and using them to fight for money or fame.”  Not very kid like, if you ask me.  Just like the film “Wall-E” is wayyyy more than a kids flick, Pokemon is wayyyy more than a kids game.

To those who think it’s not hardcore enough, you obviously aren't utilizing the entire toolset allotted you! All those funny numbers next to things like “Sp. Attack” actually have a purpose, and especially in recent entries, the items and means of manipulating those numbers has sky rocketed.  Needless to say, Pokemon can get pretty intense if played like it’s meant to be.  Not only those base stats, but rounding out your critters with a well balanced, well rounded grouping of defensive and offensive moves is key when competing at higher levels.  Yes, I'm sure plenty of people will just pimp out their guys with "Hydro-Pump", "Flamethrower", "Earthquake", and any number of other uber powerful attacks, because they "hurtz thingzzz" and look cool, but there's a lot more to it than that.  Well, there should be, anyway.

Finally, to those who hate it because it seems like just a bunch of remakes with a few new monsters each time, I must take fault.  How can Madden get by each year, being a simple roster update and a useless new mechanic, and Pokemon, which actually does change things up each time, gets the boot.  In relation to the "Kids Game" label, most kids start playing football younger than they do video games.  But football isn't considered a "Kids Game", is it?!  Jesus, I'm starting to sound like one of those "Video games are a real sport too!" people.  Yikes.

Anyway, just because Pokemon is a handheld game doesn’t make it any less qualified.  The game has excellent multiplayer activity to partake in, and the potential for some very healthy and active communities to surround it, as well as a lengthy main quest to complete.  We're talking seriously daunting 100% completion requirements, AND, some serious strategy if you want to play the *** thing correctly.


I was never one of those fanatics that wanted to capture every existing Pokemon in the game.  Rather, I enjoyed the competitive nature of the game.  That, and I always loved the idea of Pokemon.  The possibility that everyone could own their own personal creatures, that did amazing things.  Let me tell you, many a plastic Pokeball with tiny plastic Pokemon inside was purchased, and thrown around the house very, very often.  It's just such a cool world, and I don't see why people can say that it's just a stupid thing, meant for  seven year olds.  A seven year old could never understand Pokemon like I do.  NEVER!!!

My favorite pocket monster was, and will always be, Charizard.  Not only did he save Ash's ass in the shows and movies like, a trillion times, but he looked the most like a dragon out of the original 150+.  Not like that pansy, fairytale fluff excuse that Dragonite pretended to be.  Pshh!  My second favorite is a tie between Mewtwo and Lugia.  They could talk, for God's sake!

Before this turns into a full fledged rant / nostalgic love-fest, I’ll wrap it up. I’m just not interesting enough to keep your attention for more than a few paragraphs, and I accept that.  Hell, if you've stuck around this long, thanks!

The Pokemon franchise is a wonderfully crafted series.  Sure, it has flaws, but what series doesn’t?  I’ve just never understood the blatant dislike attributed to it.  Hating the cartoon is one thing, but I don’t think you should discredit the wonderful RPG that it’s based on.  So go out, buy Platinum, and play it the way it’s meant to be played!

So true


  • I started out the day writing another Top Ten, and ended up with this.  Reading it back, I think I may have been...angry.  Sorry folks, I'm still working off my Thanksgiving meal, and crying in corners over how much money I'm not going to have after the holidays.  Not the best of mindset's to write in, I'll tell you that.

  • No you are right. I love pokempon though. Sometimes I wtch the shows, I still lie the mopvies, but I love the games!

  • No matter what I say leading up to ones release, I can't NOT buy it.  It's just in my DNA to enjoy these games.  HeartGold and SoulSilver will be picked up at launch, naturally!

  • I don't hate the OLD Poke'mon. The newer ones just don't attract me anymore though. They just look and feel watered-down from the previous gen Pocket Monsters. As stated in the blog that it used to be about Team Rocket enslaving and abusing Poke'mon, but now, it just feels like they serve no purpose. The new Poke'mon feel more geared towards the younger generations, and this is why that I just can't get into the new ones anymore.

  • Fair enough, the Team Magma's and Galaxies of the world don't exactly feel new anymore, I'll give you that.  Then again, the biggest draw of the game for me is the gameplay.  That'll never get old for me.

  • I havent played a Pokemon game since silver. That said, I can still pop in silver and play it every once in awhile. Also, Raising my Espeon marks the first time I ever got attached to a video game character.

  • Last one I had was Ruby, and it was really good. Bottomline: Red Version beat Blue Version IMO.

  • I have grown up in a great society where everyone cherishes pokemon. Seriously I don't know anyone who dislikes pokemon. And I don't even live in Japan.

  • I hate pokemon games because of how many people buy the game even though it's basically the same game that released in 1998. Call me crazy for not wanting to spend another 40 bucks for the same game again. I also hate that you can get through the whole game spamming one attack.

  • i LOVE pokemon as well. I still play it from time to time, got pokemon platinum sittin right on my dresser lol. Ya charizard was really awesome but im gunna have to go with your second favorite. mewtwo was the man!

  • i love pokemon so much yet still people hate it. that really pisses me off

  • im tryin to get an arceus to beat bertha in the elite 4 in platinum right now

  • I know. just because there are no s*x scenes in it doesn't mean it's bad.

  • pokemon is a craze that has swept through the nation and the world, you either hate it or you love it, there is no in between with this game. I am one of those who love's it, I can sit there and battle my daughter and wife all day with our DS's. It's just simple good natured fun, and Pokemon will never die!

  • I like pokemon but

    i could never really get into diamond and pearl.

    (the new characters make it look like they're running out of ideas) I still boot up my copies of blue, red, yellow, and gold from time to time via psp.(I took the Rom files from them and put them on an emulator) and I'll sometimes even play them on my gameboy color (if I want the full time old school feel)

  • I understand the way you feel. But to be honest, Pokemon is getting old for me. Sorry to go against everything you stood for in this post but... Like Craig said, the way characters are looking now, it seems like the creative juices are gone!

  • "Is it just me, or do way too many people hate Pokemon?"

    It's not just you. Justify the games all you want, but no one can deny it's the same thing over and over and over. Oh look, a few new characters, a slew of new pokemon to catch and a few timeless yet tired originals. Pokemon went the way of Magic the Gathering. Once it got popular the rules and features got stupid. Once that happened the game was extended far beyond what it needed to and the series went from 'original' and 'classic' to 'oh god, not more of this crap - hang it up already'.

    Further, Pokemon devolved into the same philosophy that Disney took on. You make a movie like... Lilo and Stitch. It was great and even though it has unorigianl themes it has original presentation. Then, becuase it did well, you turn it into an episodic tv show. In doing so, you pass it off to artistic copyists giving them a shot as getting experience... but it's not the same quality and the lot strays from the original movie message so much that... it's really got nothing to do with anything and has no point other than to simply exist and prolong the income and interest to the last possible moment.

  • Im sorry for going against you to a degree but i have grown out of it now. the storyline may change locations and yes there is strategy involved but its just its the same storyeither its team rocket or its someone else there is always a specific legendary in there and you always strive to beat the elite four and the champion. The eight gyms do get creative with thier puzzles though ill admit that.

  • and i dont hate it but i kinda like the mystery dungeon more then the other so yeah i like being the pokemon that has more strategy to me even though the storyline does follow the same path in that one as well but again i dont hate the series

  • Pokemon never really interested me. I can see it's appeal, but it was always too...I dunnow...."Cute" for me to hold anything in my blackened heart for it. I did however have a transient interest in Magic, another collectible style game of sorts. I just liked the pretty pictures.

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