Today, whilst talking over with some friends the various components of our Zombie attack plans, we came to the desicion that far to people actually have a plan for most of the human race to survive. So, we thrust upon ourselves the duties of educating our peers about the dangers of the potential of a Zombie outbreak and the nessecities of a ZAP(Zombie Attack Plan).

           All joking aside, we are actually thinking of starting a club like this, just so that we can be credited for something, and we even have some tee-shirt ideas already. The other kid that is kind of heading this with me owns the Zombie survival guide, which we have decided to be our bible of sorts for the club.

         We are looking forward to see how many kids that will join, and how many will actually have put serious thought into this puesdo-situation. I am hoping to see a large turn out for the club next year when we will (hopefully) have it start its beta year.

        Now for some questions, I was just wondering how many of you would actually be interested in joining said club, or something in its likeness? This is kind of half just for fun, part serious. Also, wanted to know if any of you have heard of, or know of that was or is in your school, and could you possibly give us some hints.

                                                                                                                                       Thanks to everyone for your time.