First off, if anyone gets my allusion in the title, Kudos to you.

         Today, All its seems the news is showing is the fight between the Republicans and Democarts. I just going to say how sick in tired of how they fight and slander each other on how to run our country, when really they both are trying to do the same thing. These two parties are so focused on how to get the other party demoralized and boost their opinion within the people, that they have almost stopped doing what we elected to in the first place.

         And that is to represent US, not their funders, us, the people who voted them into office. They should stop fighting each other on wether or not to do this or do that, and start listening to the people. And they might not like what the hear, either.

         I think they should both disband and let new political parties with the Americans peoples agendas in mind, instead of their own. All these Politicans do is try to get reelected instead of carrying out what they campaigned for in their campaigns.

           Sorry for this not being a video game blog, but this is what is really bothering me right now.

                                                                                                                              Thanks everyone for your time.