This a great series that i just found out about this summer and that i would suggest to anyone interested in Adult Fiction Fantasy Genre.

         The series is written by Jim Butcher, also the author of the Dresden Files, if anyone has heard of that. Codex Alera takes place in the fantasy world of Alera home to a race of Humans that can use Furies. Furies are spirit-like beings that combine with the people of Alera, lending their strength to them. I dont want to go into more detail but i would diffinently suggest this series interested in a good read.

         There are five books in the series so far and the sixth one is coming out in November. The first book of the Series is called The Furies of Calderon.

                                                                                             Thanks to everyone for taking a look at this and i hope you take a look at the Codex Alera Series