Okay... time to bring this year's Penny Arcade Expo saga to a close with one final photo blog! Along with the usual costume and exhibit hall photos, I made sure to try and document a few other sights from PAX in this update, such as the console freeplay room.

Once more into the breach, my friends

Almost there

The Ghostbusters sent new recruits to PAX in order to investigate the paranormal activity

PAX Enforcers wrangled attendees into several herds for entrance to the exhibit hall

I wonder if that marriage proposal on the Messy Board is real...

Early previews had convinced me to check out Hunted: The Demon's Forge at Bethesda. After playing the demo, I don't think it is the kind of game I'm looking for. I played as Caddoc the warrior and partnered up with a random attendee. I was hoping for fast paced hacking and slashing like in Dynasty Warriors, but the overall feel seemed like Gears of War with more of an emphasis on melee attacks.

In End of Nations, my army was obliterated in a matter of minutes since I suck at RTS games

Players could keep in Hudson's Bomberman tourney to win 4,000 Microsoft Points

For some reason, the demo stations at PAX had an older build of Marvel VS Capcom 3 that lacked Amaterasu and the mighty Thor. I haven't played it since E3, so my goal was to try out the characters I didn't get a chance to use. Super Skrull and Trish were my first picks. I was unable to select Deadpool since my competitor chose him, so I randomly added Dante because I forgot about Chun-Li. I didn't learn too much during the match since I received quite a beating from my foe, who constantly jumped around as Deadpool while spamming bolas, leaving me little time to react or see.

A lot of the popular attractions had their lines capped since everyone wanted to squeeze them in

A t-shirt giveaway at the Tera exhibit, where anxious fans had to perform an emote for the crowd

Jon St. John, the man behind Duke Nukem's voice, at an autograph session

These folks wandered in from Silent Hill

MSI drafted men to do 25 push-ups in order to receive a free shirt

If this Akuma cosplayer ain't at your convention, you're doing something wrong!

Security guards performing age checks in the Duke Nukem Forever line

People playing a tabletop game to speed up the excruciating wait

After a speech and a video of highlights, we were given 15 minutes to play Duke Nukem Forever

Once again, please note that I'm not a huge fan of the FPS genre. With that in mind, I appreciated some of DNF's humor and the variety of things you could interact with, but can't say that I was impressed with the overall package. I battled the giant Cycloid Emperor, played through a driving sequence, and shot a few more enemies in a wasteland. The game wasn't boring, but the action felt like a lot of other games on the market. I would have rather seen Gearbox put their efforts toward a Borderlands sequel, even though I considered that game to be good, but not great.

Eric Maruscak rests on a table now that his work is done

One last picture of the completed Metroid masterpiece

A blurry look at the room devoted to a Steel Battalion PAX campaign

A red shirt from Star Trek was offering free cookies for all

This year, the retro gaming zone was directly connected to the console freeplay area

R2-D2 was a project capable of playing video games from several classic consoles

Console freeplay seemed busier last year, but then again, it was Sunday

Besides the model, Blade Kitten's PAX presence was limited to this sign and demo

The library of Xbox 360 games available for gamers to check out

IDs served as collateral and were mounted on this wall

A group is called together to learn the rules of a Mario Kart Wii tourney

Plants VS Zombies characters

In this room, you could sign up for a zombie makeover

Tazti used an elf to promote their iPod giveaway

Tazti also had some sort of contest for skilled hackers

A barker encourages people to take the time to play historic older video games

A Team Rocket member chooses Plusle and Minun

If the Swag Monster acquired even one of my bags, the world would be DOOMED by his power!

A Spartan by the Halo: Reach exhibit

Bungie team members signing fancy posters for fans

In order to get a free chicken, you had to spend at least $50 at the Behemoth's store

A ball game broke out while Nolan and I waited for the Gearbox panel

This happy fellow hosted an easy trivia challenge for decks of Magic cards

Gearbox was kind enough to purchase Papa John's pizza for the attendees of their panel

Gearbox staff members take the stage, including the men who voiced the Claptraps and Scooter

As a special treat, we saw an early showing of the fourth Claptrap webisode

We were initially limited to two slices, but feasted on more since plenty was available when we left

Wakfu's imagery always caught my eye, so now was a perfect time to try it since I could possibly win another shirt. The game's visuals continues to impress me due to the fantastic character designs. The combat system used fairly simple turn-based actions and a grid, which wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I can't see myself actively playing the game, but if I'm ever in the market for a free MMORPG, it is one of the few that I would consider joining.

The grand prizes on the Wakfu prize wheel

Players competing in a League of Legends competition organized by Riot

Torchlight 2 proudly toted the addition of multiplayer to the game

The Helghast trooper ditched his arsenal of lethal weapons for something more playful

That ain't no Dragonlance

The deliquent known as Raspberyl

Miniatures based on Voltron, which were seen at Privateer Press

Towards the end of Sunday, Sonic Free Riders invaded Sonic the Hedgehog 4's personal space

Tougher versions of Rock Man and Blues

Shank memorabilia

Mad Dog and Scorpion (or Bill and Lance... psh) head to the next level

Ada Wong has found someone better than that loser Leon

Masses of people take the escalator down as they bid farewell to another PAX

Closing Time played over the speakers as the Enforcers dismantled the console freeplay room

American hero Guile charged his card for two seconds at the US Bank ATM before moving forward

A gnome warlock with her voidwalker

The last thing I saw at PAX 2010 was this crowd of attendees swapping buttons

Duke picked up two *** trannies who will love him long time

The majority of Sunday's swag

Several posters, Jon St. John's autograph, and my badge

Excluding duplicates, I acquired 30 shirts over the course of the expo

That concludes another fun year at PAX Prime! As always, thanks for taking the time to read about my convention exploits. Sadly, this will most likely also be the last major convention that I attend in 2010. As much as I'd love to visit the Tokyo Game Show or any other big events, I can't afford trips that extravagant. Oh well, time to start saving up for next year. Perhaps I'll upgrade my camera yet again...