Alright, you got me. The 2010 Penny Arcade Expo doesn't start until tomorrow, but that doesn't mean that there was nothing to do in downtown Seattle on Thursday. Here's a quick recap of what I managed to see today while picking up some extra PAX passes.

After providing the proper papers, the will call booth provided me with passes for my friends

Guild Wars 2 crew members lurked outside, handing out paper tokens

You could trade the tokens at the Seattle Shirt Company for a GW2 shirt

Three different designs were available

A closer look at the Guild Wars 2 artwork decorating the walls

If you don't have a badge by now, you might as well go home

On the upper levels, PAX Enforcers and exhibitors were busy setting everything up

The popular Halo: Reach statues seen at PAX East and E3 have made the trip to PAX Prime

PAX crew members lugging Sumo bean bags down to the handheld lounges

It's rare to see the Sumo bags not being used by tired gamers

Sneaking a glance at the exhibit hall

Unfortunately, that's as close as I managed to get

One of several Magic: The Gathering challenges that can be completed to access a special party

Hey, the DeLorean is going to be at PAX!

I managed to canvass a few guests in Dragon Quest IX while exploring

A crowd of fans waiting for the PlayStation gathering at Top Pot Doughnuts

The view as soon as you stepped through the doors

Autographed Kevin Butler posters were handed out for a limited time

The second floor was packed

Complimentary doughnuts and Coca-Cola bottles served as refreshments

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was present, but unfortunately I did not try it

The party advertised free vouchers for the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo, but I never got one

Two men on the lower level stripped off their shirts to prove their might

A fierce arm wrestling match broke out, and the dude on the left was victorious

Some of the prizes awarded to guests during the Rock Band 3 party at Jillian's Billiards Club

Based on a quick round with the bass, Rock Band 3 is more of the same

That didn't stop a swarm of people from lining up to give the new game a try

Not a bad haul for an unofficial day at PAX

That concludes my Thursday pre-PAX adventure. In a few hours, I'll return to the convention center as PAX officially begins! Stay tuned for a much lengthier update documenting my Friday antics!