Saturday ended up being my final day at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. It was a highly enjoyable experience, but also quite exhausting! Now that I've had a moment to recover, I'm delivering my final Comic-Con photo blog.

Boba Fett will display feminine characteristics in George Lucas's latest revision of Star Wars

Ghosts chase Pac-Man around the exhibit hall, possibly leading to the demise of the guy in red

Gears of War toys

Predator and Terminator action figures

Monster High, which is a line of dolls from Mattel

I wonder if he can talk as fast as the movie version of J. Jonah Jameson

If you posed here, Konami would put you on a custom Yu-Gi-Oh card

Here's my card

A GI Joe play set

Kermit and Rizzo props

Steve Rogers

Hush schemes with the Joker and Harley Quinn

DC's free comics, pins, and rings were very popular with attendees

The mysterious Red X from the Teen Titans cartoon

Zatanna Zatara

This was Jonah Hex's first trip to Comic-Con

Official Comic-Con shirts

A display featuring the animals of The Wind in the Willows

Gandalf ditched the white outfit

A character known as Ms. Monster

Large inflatables shaped like the starters from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The game testing stage at Mattel

An oversized Undertaker action figure

Gilligan, The Skipper, too

Darth Vader turned Jar Jar Binks in to a nutritious meal

Ladies promoting the new Green Hornet movie

Another one who was handing out free stuff

There must have been some sort of movie villian culinary competition at the con

Characters from a Japanese action movie

Final Fantasy XII's Fran

The Comic-Con-exclusive Blaster action figure came with several cassettes

Titans together!

Crossing the street was troublesome due to the crowds and trains

Tons of street teams were outside handing out flyers and swag to anyone who walked by

Heroic cows

Even more Green Hornet girls

War Machine sports a new look while Iron Man dons his silver armor

The Red Faction: Armageddon girls take a break from working in the heat

Another one of Fandango's bags

Harry Potter used a spell to make his scar disappear

A costumed performer dressed as SpongeBob

A sinister astronaut

Dunununununununu Batgirl

Another great costume from the Fang cosplayer

In the future, humans have more abdominal muscles

Mad Moxxi and Dr. Ned

Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and Captain America

Characters from The Guild

The masked dandy was a Clockwork Robot from Dr. Who

Gothic girls

The original Captain America, Isaiah Bradley

An Alien VS Predator hunting party

Female Link

The Big Daddy from BioShock 2

Move over, Nicholas Cage

I think she was a druid, nymph, or dryad

Green Lantern and Star Sapphire

Wonder Woman

The Birds of Prey were on a mission

Brainiac 5 returned to the past to see Poison Ivy

A poor soul frozen in carbonite

Wrestler Mick Foley meets a fan

Natalie Portman made stopped by Comic-Con, but you had to win a trivia challenge to see her

Spartacus booth hunks

Secret agents

The cybernetic incarnation of Raiden

The Walking Dead roamed the sidewalks

A chopper promoting the movie Battle: Los Angeles

Another novelty photo op for the collection

A female version of The World's Finest

A Scott Pilgrim lunch truck that handed out free food

Dragon Age 2 street team members announcing an inflatable sword fight in a nearby park

Men in black handing out classified documents regarding The Event

Fans lining up for a Scott Pilgrim panel, featuring several of the actors

Free cardboard boxes were passed out for use at a nearby shipping station

I'd say she was the best Chun-Li at Comic-Con

Members of the various Lantern factons

The unusual group of Bruce Lee, Deadpool, and Skull Man

The Joker and Two-Face

Steampunk twins

Pin-up models doing their thing at a signing

He-Man's old friend, Man-At-Arms

Poison would probably look like this in real life

Jigsaw's latest victims

Black Widow felt that using a gun with be quicker than martial arts

Comic-Con is a game preserve... and we're the game

Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and a tiny Link

Don't piss off Hawkman when he's carrying mace

Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame poses with a fan

Fake food, some of which could be used for fashionable accessories

Model Chelsea Co

An ant man

Waldo and Carmen Sandiego found each other

This Snow White is rated PG-13


Bob's Burgers gave out 200 burgers and sodas every hour and hosted an eating competition

Cammy and Poison Ivy share a laugh during an interview

The skating Volcom logo gave me a coupon after I took his picture

A reporter in a Hello Kitty hat

One of the characters from the Witchblade anime

Ladies dressed as Flash and Green Lantern near Mattel's booth

In our world, Cry for Justice thankfully hasn't happened

WHOA... Taylor Lautner!

This woman did another wardrobe change and became slave Leia

A shiny Black Widow

Mr. Game & Watch pals around with Kirby


An Ugnaught from Star Wars

Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor, businessman Tony Stark, and an Ironette

Leeloo and a maskless Silent Hill nurse

Who needs Rocksteady when you can be friends with Luigi?

A mascot from an iPhone game called Battle Bears

A quartet of DC's supernatural heroes

The Joker has charmed Wonder Woman and Supergirl

A blurry shot of Predobear, who had the mouth of a Predator

A different kind of cat woman

This one's closer to the traditional Catwoman

I never saw any Wonder Woman cosplayers sporting her recently redesigned outfit

The only cosplayer brave enough to attempt Emma Frost's diamond form

Vile dons his green suit from Mega Man X8

If my convention eating and drinking habits weren't so bizarre, I would have loved to help out

Red Bull gave him wings

Ali Larter of Heroes and Final Destination was escorted through the hall by security

HR Pufnstuf

Doug Heffernan's neighbor visits Ubisoft

Cammy switched back to the classic costume

Brothers Thor and Loki

A Cylon from Battlestar Galactica

Two new slave Leias

Director Guillermo del Toro autographs a Pan's Labyrinth statue

What a deal... four Cobra toys on a single blister card!

Loki when he became a she and the Asgardian Valkyrie

Spider-Man and Black Cat arrived quicker than Kevin Smith's miniseries

A silly golden Buddha

Andre the Giant LIVES... but shrunk in height

Dhalsim, Cammy, El Fuerte, and Zangief pose with a female fan

A scene from a Human Target autograph session

The "comic" was actually just a small pin-up poster

Scantily-clad school girls

A solo shot of Arkham Asylum's Harley Quinn

Cloud somehow used his Materia to summon Final Fantasy X's Shiva

Batman and Robin sure have changed

He wants to be the War Machine

The fearsome Sinestro

BroadSword Comics, creators of Tarot:Witch of the Black Rose

Meeting Jessica Nigri was definitely one of my Saturday highlights

A meeting of masked mystery men

A Pikachu girl

The Red Queen and Alice

Luke Cage was available for hire

Jack didn't bring any of his company's food to the convention center

Therefore, we had these burgers and fries

Members of the Good Times cast popped in for appearances

The Behemoth had these neat items on display

Awwwww, Ruffy!

The costume was composed of flyers and swag discarded by Comic-Con attendees

One of the few Sailor Moons at Comic-Con

Hudson's booth... zzzzzzzzzzz

A variety of Capcom books

A shot of Udon's exhibit

Adopt a Poogie today!

Ibuki prepares to do a Kazegiri

Juri beckons for an opponent

Puppets from Full Moon's horror flicks

Tifa and Rikku

Leeloo and another Rikku

Who you gonna call? HE-MAN!

A Gundam model surrounded by Tranzor Z figures

Tifa Lockhart sporting her most iconic costume

Pigeons apparently love comics too since several flew in through the blue pipes

Troma carried an assortment of their cult movies

Nightmare Before Christmas plushies

I'd imagine the USA being quite different if Native Americans had access to lightsabers

Posters available for purchase

Shy Guy and Toad zoomed around in their karts

A life-sized Iron Man statue

The statue was in Tony Stark's price range

Not just regular cheerleaders... EVIL cheerleaders!

The Arkham Asylum versions of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

A woman handing out fake wanted posters to secretly promote an autograph signing

They remembered me as "The Rose Guy", hahaha

A character from the upcoming Sucker Punch movie

A Tron cosplayer

I hope this isn't Chris's blood

A booth babe promoting several Lionsgate films

Other military gals handed out free swag

Another Cobra unit

The winnder of the best Supergirl at Comic-Con award is... her!

A pink monster looking for love

Leonidas from 300

The mad scientist from Robot Chicken plans to show his subject live horrors at the convention

A dude with a cat head

Asian Link and furry Fox McCloud

Bloo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Red Skull didn't start any fights with Winter Soldier or Captain America

Oh no, they got Kane!

Misa Amane

Mega Man Universe figures seen at the Capcom booth

This one turned out much better than the last one

A Flash t-shirt won't help you outrun a Xenomorph

*** it, they got me

The BP oil spill has even effected Aquaman

An angel/demon hybrid?

My last cosplayer I photographed was this nice Captain EO

If only I had one more day in San Diego...

Today, I had enough swag to justify two photos

Here's the second shot

As always, thank you for taking the time to look through my latest batch of convention photographs! If you weren't able to attend the actual event, I hope that they kind of made you feel like you were there. I unfortunately didn't get to take pictures of everything I wanted to see. A few examples being Darkseid and Power Girl cosplayers that I've seen on various sites, and Sylvester Stallone. Oh well, there's always next year. I'll make sure to order my 2011 passes as soon as possible and try to make better lodging arrangements so I can enjoy all 4 days.

After some deep thought, I do believe I actually prefer Comic-Con ever so slightly to E3. It may not have as much stuff in the gaming department, but it trounced E3 in the swag and cosplay categories, which are usually more important to me. I won't be attending any conventions in August, so stay tuned for my next photo extravaganza covering PAX in September.


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