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Calling All Video Game Collectors, Supporters of Physical Media, & Fans of Niche Gaming!

I'll admit that I wasn't blown away by the E3 demo of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I Do to Deserve This?, the concept and look of the quirky PSP title made it an item that would remain on my video game shopping list. When NIS America made the horrible decision to cancel the game's UMD release and release it exclusively as a download on the PlayStation Network, you better believe that I was pissed! What did WE do to deserve this?!

As an avid collector of video games, this hobby would cease to amuse me if all my weird and exotic games were only available as souless digital downloads. Listening to angry fans who shared my view, NIS America unveiled a plan to give Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! the UMD release it deserves. If 1,000 pre-orders were made at the RosenQueen Company's online shop, production would begin and the physical copies would be mailed out in December. Consumers have until November 13th to make their voice heard! As of this writing, 334 orders have been placed so far. One of them being from the one and only DTJAAAAM!

With less than a week to go, I implore everyone that hates digital downloads, all who love unusual and more titles, and any video game collector to go HERE and place a reservation! Twenty dollars is not much for something that will certainly become a bit of a collector's item later down the road. I know quite a few people like myself who would love to have an American copy of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! on their shelves, and with the help of gamers everywhere, this can become a reality! Thank you for your time.

  • I hope all this digital versions doesn't become a habit...

  • It wouldn't be cool to have all games (or the majority of them) digitally downloaded. This would also discourage new gamers to come because they would have to buy the video game systems PLUS a internet connection. (If they didn't already have one)

  • Don't forget card points if they don't have a credit/debit card.

  • I received a review copy on a UMD, strangely enough. I believe that's because it was a pre-release edition, but I do agree. I'm quite opposed to purchasing digital-only titles and will go all the way when it comes to avoiding any support of that distribution method.

  • If I'm paying money for something, I want a physical copy of it, that way, even though I don't believe it is legal, there is no room for reposession or deleting of my game or files, etc.

  • I'd go for it. If it means to help people of the community who hate the digital community and the *coughcoughpspgocoughcough* We want our UMDs!!!

  • Quick question! If I do buy it on reserve but the game doesn't get the amount needed to get the game on UMD, do we still get in UMD or do we get the digital copy? Cause if it doesn't reach the amount needed, and I do receive it as a digital copy, I'm going cry.

  • Don't worry, your order will be just get canceled if they don't hit the goal. You won't be suckered in to buying the digital version.

  • Alright, thanks.